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Flamengo striker Barbosa banned for 2 years for doping fraud

Brazil national team football shirt striker Gabriel Barbosa suffered a major setback in his career when he was banned for two years on Monday for doping offences. The decision was made by the country’s anti-doping tribunal, which voted 5-4 in favour of the punishment, which extends to April 2025. Barbosa immediately announced his intention to appeal the decision.

The controversy surrounding Barbosa began with his behaviour during a surprise doping test on 8 April 2023, just one day before Flamengo’s state championship match in Rio de Janeiro. Despite the presence of doping control officers at the club’s training facility, Barbosa allegedly showed a lack of respect for testing procedures, eventually testing several hours after his teammates.

Barbosa’s lawyers argued that the blood test, which was considered more reliable, proved his innocence and countered the accusations of misbehaviour during the testing process. Flamengo, the club Barbosa represents, strongly denies any involvement in doping fraud, expressing surprise at the decision and pledging to support the player’s appeal.

The 27-year-old striker, known as ‘Gabigol’, has had ups and downs in his career, including spells with Inter Milan football shirt and Benfica, before finding success at Flamengo. Despite his achievements, including multiple Copa Libertadores and Brazilian league titles with Flamengo, Barbosa has faced challenges, including being sidelined after former Brazilian coach Tite was hired as Flamengo’s head coach.

In response to the suspension, Barbosa took to social media to plead his innocence, emphasising that he has complied with anti-doping regulations throughout his career. He emphasised that he has cooperated with the testing procedures and expressed confidence that he would be cleared through the appeal process.

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Flamengo striker Barbosa banned for 2 years for doping fraud

Barbosa’s career has been characterised by highs, such as when he won Olympic gold with Brazil in 2016, and lows, such as when he struggled to establish himself in European football. However, when he returned to Brazil, he became one of the country’s top scorers and was recognised and celebrated.

Now, as Barbosa faces this setback, the football world awaits the outcome of his appeal, with the hope that justice will prevail and he will be acquitted. Until then, the striker is determined to clear his name and continue his career with integrity and commitment.

Brazil nation team children’s kits striker Gabriel Barbosa was sentenced to a two-year ban for doping fraud, a sentence that was extended until April 2025. Barbosa currently intends to appeal the sentence, as his behaviour in the unexpected match caused controversy and a doping test is scheduled for April 2023. His lawyers claim he is innocent, citing blood tests, while Flamengo deny any involvement in doping fraud. Barbosa, who is known as ‘Gabigol’, has had an up-and-down career and faced uncertainty during the appeal process. He insisted on his innocence on social media and emphasised that he had great respect for the anti-doping regulations. As the football world awaits the outcome and hopes for justice to be served, Barbosa is determined to clear his name and continue his career with integrity.

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