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The rule of law education enters the campus and guards the growth of growth

Elephant reporter Wei Liutao

In order to further enhance the awareness of the rule of law of the majority of teachers and students, on May 7, the Zhengzhou High -tech District Court went to the Zhengdong New District Foreign Language Middle School in the jurisdiction to carry out the “rule of law education to enter the campus, guard the growth of growth and practice”, and send it to the school.On a unique rule of law activity.

During the event, Wu Ruiyan, Vice President of the Law of the Court of High -tech Zone Courts and the Vice President of the Law of the Law of the Law of the Law of the Law of the Law of the Law of the Fa, the Civil Code and Criminal Law, the division of responsibility, the responsibility of the campus injury, the rejection of campus bullying, the popularity of traffic safety knowledge and accident response, civil law lawIn -depth interpretations of key terms such as parents and children in the classics, and analyzing typical cases by analyzing typical cases to warn the responsibilities of illegal and criminals in different ages, and instruct students how to protect themselves when facing illegal violations.The atmosphere of the event was active, and the students actively raised their hands and actively participated in interaction.

Director Chang Zongzhen, a foreign language middle school in Zhengdong New District, said: “Thank you for sending the law to the campus for sending the law on the campus! Through this lecture, the children have established a sense of rule of law and will become more confident and more sunny. The campus will be added in the future.Great legal publicity and enhance the awareness of the rule of law of teachers and students in the school. “

In the next step, the Zhengzhou High -tech Zone Court will continue to carry out the publicity and publicity of the rule of law of young people, and adopt various forms of “law education” activities to allow the rule of law to accompany students to grow and provide “legal” protection for the growth of young people.

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