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Xingzhi Family Education: The fastest way to hurt children is to indulge in this incident

A person with educated will naturally be treated well by others and treats the whole society as a whole.

As a parent, who does not want their children to be kindly treated by others?

The most important point here is to make children a educated person.

Most of the educated children have the following three good habits.

1. Emotional stability

Emotion is an external manifestation of education.

Through a person’s emotions, he can see his tutor.

Education children know how to resolve their emotions.Neither hurts yourself nor involves others.

An educational expert once said that educating children is nothing more than talking to him, not in a hurry or fire, and to do this, it is 80 % successful.

In a family, parents are peaceful and are lucky in their lives. This is also the best gift for parents to grow to their children.

2. Know the etiquette

If you are in full bloom, the breeze is from the breeze.It is like a spring breeze with a child who knows etiquette.

“The Analects of Confucius” has a saying: “If you don’t learn, you can’t stand.”

Etiquette is the foundation of a person’s standing.

For example, when you encounter an elder to say hello, others help you say thank you, pay attention to your own image in public, and so on. These are the basic etiquette that children should learn.

Xunzi said: “The ritual, the extremely humanity.” Li is the rule, the principle, and the first priority of being a human.

The child knows what should be done, what should not be done, so that he can truly stabilize and achieve himself.

3. Keep the rules

No rules, no standards.There are no children who have not taught well in the world, only parents who are neglected to discipline.

See if a child is sensible and educated, you don’t need to see how much the truth he knows, but depends on whether he can abide by the rules.

The reason is abstract, sometimes in the child’s impression, it is just a few words;

The rules are actually placed there, it has a binding force.

Tell your child what to do and what you can’t do.

The book “Family Education” wrote: The rules of freedom are called lively, and the freedom without rules is called free.

As a parent, the most important duty of heaven is to give him rules and use rules to restrict them when the child is young.

It is not time to stand for the rules, and the children cannot stand when they grow up.

If you find it difficult to discipline your child, it is because you chose “waiting for flowers” during the period when you should have set rules for your child.

The rules are the “umbrella” of children’s life. Children who understand the rules and keep the rules can move towards a bright and broad future.

A person’s ability determines how high he is flying, and a person’s education determines how far he is flying.

Education is a temperament exuding from the bones, and is the soul that can still maintain excellent in the world.

Bi Shumin said: “Educated people are equipped with a warm spring in their hearts.”

No matter where you go, educated people can always make everything around them comfortable.

Education is the top priority of life, and the foundation of a person standing alone.

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