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How can more than 70,000 suspected occupational diseases better protect occupational health?

Original title: How can more than 70,000 suspected occupational diseases better protect occupational health?
According to the monitoring system covering the country’s occupational diseases and hazards, in the past 5 years, my country has reported more than 70 million cases of occupational health inspection cases. It was found that 76,700 cases were found to be suspected of occupational diseases, and 1.156 million cases were found.
What are the career diseases that are risky?What should I do if I have an occupational disease?From April 25th to May 1st this year, it is the 22nd National Career Prevention Law Publicity Week in my country.The National Health and Health Commission held a press conference on the 25th to answer the public’s concern.
The press conference held by the National Health and Health Commission on April 25.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Dong Ruifeng
Great harm: “noise, dust, poison” is the most advanced
Wang Jiandong, deputy director of the Professional Health Department of the National Health and Health Commission and the first -level inspector, introduced that according to the “bottom number” of the dangers of occupational diseases in key industries in the country, noise, dust, and chemical poisons are the highest ranking.
At the same time, pneumoconiosis has been the largest number of occupational diseases in my country for many years, accounting for about 90%of all reporting occupational diseases.
In recent years, relevant departments have improved the monitoring and occupational disease reporting system for national occupational diseases and hazardous factors, and the continuous expansion of the monitoring of diseases and scope has basically mastered the current status of occupational diseases in key industries in my country.
“Since 2019, there have been 307,000 employers in key industries across the country, monitoring the status of more than 53 million occupational health inspections in contact with occupational diseases, and more than 1.815 million positions in occupational disease hazards.” Wang Jiandong said.
According to the results of the monitoring, the relevant departments will further improve the regulations, standards, policies and measures of occupational disease prevention, further deepen the management of occupational disease hazards, and better protect the health rights and interests of workers.
Time inspection: Professional health inspection has the characteristics
According to reports, employers with occupational disease hazards shall regularly organize employees who contact occupational disease hazards to conduct occupational health examinations.
Sun Xin, director of the Professional Health and Poisoning Institute of the China Disease Control and Control Center, introduced that once the workers find that they suffer from suspected occupational diseases, they can apply for occupational disease diagnosis at the location of the employer, the place where the household registration is located, or the frequent place of residence.
“You cannot use general health examinations to replace occupational health examinations.” Sun Xin said that the two are different from organizational forms, diagnostic basis to technical requirements, and processing methods.For example, the concentration or intensity of laborers in industrial places in industrial venues must be provided to occupational health inspection agencies by employers.
In addition, if the general health examination is abnormal, only clinical medical treatment suggestions are given; if the occupational health examination is found to have occupational health damage, in addition to clinical medical treatment suggestions, it will also propose to be transferred to the existence of occupational taboos operation positions, application for occupational disease diagnosis, etc.suggestion.
More prevention: small, medium and micro enterprises are “no shortage”
There are many small and medium -sized enterprises to absorb employees, but due to the high liquidity of personnel, the occupational health management of many enterprises has a short board.
Zhang Zhongbin, chief expert of the Career Safety and Health Research Center of the National Health and Health Commission and director of the Human Machinery Workshop, introduced that the “14th Five -Year Plan” occupational disease prevention and control plan set the column of occupational health assistance in small and medium -sized enterprises, and in many placesThe monitoring work is advanced with the assistance of small, medium and micro enterprises, and achieves better results.
It is understood that in recent years, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shandong and other places have explored measures such as “housekeeper” occupational health services and “one enterprise and one policy” to help and guide small and medium -sized enterprises to improve their level of occupational health management.
Zhang Zhongbin said that in the next step, it will continue to help the professional health management of small and medium -sized enterprises to guide enterprises to carry out key tasks such as identification, analysis and evaluation of occupational disease hazards, and promote enterprises to improve the level of occupational disease prevention.(Reporter Dong Ruifeng, Li Heng)
Source: Xinhua News Agency
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