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Liver injury, interstitial pneumonia, renal failure … health food "may also endanger health"

According to Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” reported on April 11, the impact of health products containing red song components with red song components caused the impact of healthy damage. The background is that health products have penetrated into people’s diet life.At present, among people over 20 years old, about one of every three people consume the so -called healthy food represented by health products.However, these foods have previously appeared in the precedent for health, and there are some precautions when ingesting.
It is reported that the Japanese national health and nutrition survey conducted in 2019 show that 30.2%of men over 20 years of age and 38.2%of women over 20 years of age are in some form of healthy foods such as health products.The reason why healthy foods can exist so widely is because it is a “food” that anyone can easily obtain.
However, Professor Niigata University and internal medicine expert Zeng Gen Boren said that the so -called healthy food is “not necessarily safer than drugs.”He urged people to realize that “healthy foods may also endanger health.”
In the past, healthy foods represented by health products endanger people’s health.
Zeng Gen and others analyzed the cases collected by the Japanese Internal Science Association in the 16 years from 2005 to 2021, and found that 88 of them were health damage caused by healthy foods.Various health foods ingested by victims, including weight loss food, health tea, nutritional supplements, etc.The two of them died because they were explosive hepatitis.In addition, there are many serious cases such as liver injury, interstitial pneumonia, and renal failure.
According to Zeng Gen, people who consume healthy foods are common in liver function abnormalities, allergic dermatitis, diarrhea and other minor health damage.
He said: “Do you ask the patients who have changed suddenly of liver or renal function indicators? Do you take healthy food or health products inadvertently? The other party often answers'” start to take “a few months ago.”Most of the liver and kidney function indicators will return to normal.
In 88 cases of healthy damage, there are no obvious differences between men and women and age differences, but people with basic diseases are more likely to develop.Mr. Zeng Jian said worried: “Using inappropriate health foods to replace drugs may lead to serious consequences.”
For example, even if some people have discovered diseases in a health check, they will use healthy foods to “deal with the past” on the grounds that they do not go to the hospital on the grounds that they do not go to the hospital.
It is reported that unlike the drugs prescribed by the doctor, health products are continuously taken based on their own judgments, and there is no need to confirm the effect and side effects by drawing blood and other methods.Originally health products were made of extraction and concentrated specific ingredients, so the risk of affecting health would be relatively high.
In other words, people who have been diagnosed with living habits do not recommend eating healthy food.Zeng Gen said that the people who envisioned health foods have not yet developed, but the so -called “unsatisfactory” people in the sub -health state.
In addition, he also said that it is necessary to improve the “sub -health state” and adjust the methods such as diet, exercise, smoking quitting, and alcohol.Moreover, when using healthy foods, we must also comply with usage and dosage regulations.If your body is discomfort, stop intake and consult.
Zeng Gen said that he understands that people rely on healthy foods, because people want to relax and make their health relaxed without adjusting their diet or exercise.”On the basis of taking all methods to improve lifestyle habits, you can consult a doctor before using healthy foods. Even so, you cannot avoid diet therapy and exercise therapy. If you lose the opportunity to receive appropriate medical treatment by relying on healthy food, it may be for me.Very unfavorable. “
Because healthy foods are not used to treat diseases like drugs, they will not claim that they can “cure” and “effective”.However, according to national regulations, merchants can sell healthy functional foods.The red song health products produced by Xiaolin Pharmaceutical this time are one of the health functional foods.The state only accepts the application of merchants and will not be reviewed.
Because of this incident, the Japanese Consumer Hall has issued a notice to the merchant, asking for an emergency inspection of more than 6,800 functional foods.(Compiled/Liu Jieqiu)
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