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Heping District "Spring Flower is Opening" business characteristics of business characteristics consumer scenes renewed

In order to implement the work deployment of the construction of youth development cities in Shenyang, build youth -developed cities, build youth -friendly neighborhoods, and actively guide large -scale commercial carriers to innovate consumer scenes, active consumer atmosphere, and stimulate offline consumption.Shenyang Vientiane City actively responded to the government’s call, and huge sums of money to create a new area of superwanping on March 24 to build a new scene and social habitat for young consumers in the city and to build a new scene and social habitat for life.

The new area of Shenyang Vientiane City appeared. This upgrade not only brought more than 70 brand -rich lineups of more than 70 brands to consumers in Shenyang, but also achieved a comprehensive upgrade of brand matrix in many fields such as trend, sports, catering.Nearly 20 regional first stores and the latest image shops of over 40 brands, PEET’s Coffee, Shengshan Flower, Xin Yicong, Lasagnee, Ease Green, Ro’iin’s heart, day by dayDouble You’s brand settled in, in the field of outdoor sports, the stunning debut of Mengxiang and the first The NORTH FACEL2 3.0 in Northeast China.The brand jointly builds a brand lineup with pioneering power and influence.In addition, the first DJI in the Northeast DJI | Harsuy Concept Store, the first Garming in the Northeast, the first Harman/Kardon and other brands in Shenyang, and other brands such as Harman/Kardon have also opened the door to exploring the new field of exquisite life for consumers, leading the new new life of the trend lifeFashion.

The change of this scene not only attracted the attention of a large number of young consumers, but also set off a topic storm in social media.With their unique products and services, these brands have infinitely continuous freshness, bringing consumers a more trendy choice and more diversified and high -quality shopping experience.Provide consumers with a comfortable, elegant and high -quality shopping environment.

With the quietness of spring, the business structure of the Heping District has once again ushered in new changes. It will continue to lead the business industry to perfectly integrate the diversified and diverse temperament of the market, bringing a new shopping experience to the citizens of Shenyang.The goal of building a “youth -friendly neighborhood” continued to advance.

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