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Innovate education methods to enhance young people’s ecological civilization consciousness

  Yesterday, the CPPCC’s non -party parties’ sectarian activity group carried out universal activities, and conducted field inspections on the field around the “Sample of the Pohu Ecological Civilization Practice, Promoting the Education of Youth Ecological Themes”.CPPCC members discussed and negotiated to discuss how to use youth ecological education as the starting point to further build a city of high -value ecological gardens.

  The members walked into the Langshi Story Hall, and learned a deep understanding of the governance path from the Lake Lake from Stink Water Lake to the “Living Room of the City Conference”.The person in charge of the Lake Lake Protection Center introduced the ecological rectification of Lake Lake, and the Education Bureau of Siming District and relevant schools introduced the development of ecological research.At present, Siming District has comprehensively promoted the education of ecological civilization in primary and secondary schools in the district., World Water Day and other important time nodes carry out speaking competitions, painting competitions, trees and afforestation, so that students can experience the importance of ecological civilization in their own participation and personal experience.Members believe that we must summarize and promote these good experiences, and continue to explore ecological education methods applicable to young people.

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