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Zhengzhou High -tech Zone adds another batch of off -campus education practice bases

Zhengzhou High -tech Zone Scientific Education, Labor Education, and Political Education 2024 Promotion Association.


  Recently, Zhengzhou High -tech Zone held a promotion meeting for scientific education, labor education, and ideological and political education in 2024.In order to select the selected Zhengzhou University National Super Computing Zhengzhou Center and other 23 primary and secondary school science education practice activities bases, Henan University of Technology, China Food Museum, including 25 primary and secondary school labor education practice activities bases, Zhengzhou Museum and other 10 primary and secondary school ideological and political education practice activities bases.The licenses are given, and each base science and technology innovation expert and talent are selected.High, updated, and farther development.

  It is reported that the addition of this off -campus education practice base has established a bridge of the “Second Class” of the Discipline for the Elementary and Middle Schools of Zhengzhou High -tech Zone.The Zhengzhou High -tech Zone will fully rely on the resources of all parties, establish a regional cooperation and development mechanism, continue to break resource barriers, realize resource sharing, so that more high -tech students can get out of schools to participate in science, labor, and ideological education activities, help students improve the comprehensive literacy of studentsEssence

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