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Yuta Watanabe: I wish the fans booed Germany, but that’s how Japan treats its guests

In the Men’s Basketball World Cup group stage, Japan defeated Germany by 63-81.

After the game, Japanese player Yuta Watanabe was interviewed by the media. Talking about the Japanese audience cheering and applauding the German players during the game, Yuta Watanabe said, “I wish the fans would boo the opponents. This is the Japanese way. Even when we play other countries, we welcome them with open arms and we always cheer for them and respect each other. This is the Japanese way of hospitality.”

Yuta Watanabe’s comments caused a lot of debate among netizens. Some people think that Yuta Watanabe’s remarks are a bit excessive, while others understand Yuta Watanabe’s feelings.

From the perspective of Japanese cultural traditions, Japanese people tend to be humble and courteous in their hospitality. In sports competitions, Japanese spectators also tend to respect the performance of their opponents.

Yuta Watanabe, as a Japanese player, is also influenced by this cultural tradition.

In this game, Yuta Watanabe had an outstanding performance with 20 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 2 caps.

Yuta Watanabe said that the Japanese team will continue to work hard and strive for better results in the upcoming games. At the end of this post, I would like to share with you that for those who focus on quality and practicality, I highly recommend you to try wmns air jordan 1 mid ‘champ colors’,nike air jordan 4 retro ebay,gold oscar air jordan 3 tinker.

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