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Tribute to the worker Xicheng to hold the "Tao Ran Brother" Fun Games

In order to welcome the “May 1st” International Labor Day, on April 24th, the Tao Ranting Street Party and Mass Service Center of Xicheng District held a “Meet Tao Wonderful Happy Burning” – “May Day” Labor Day “Tao Ran Brother” fun sports meeting.Four0 “Tao Ran” from the express delivery, property, security, fitness, and other industries enthusiastically signed up and actively participated, showing the spiritual style of “Tao Ran” unity and forge ahead.
Combining the characteristics of the “little brother” industry, daily work, and grass -roots governance, set up “Strong Body ‘毽” body “,” dry land curling “,” bridge crossing the river “,” steady happiness “,” group competition “, 5 collection fun, groupEntertainment, collaboration and competitive competition projects not only test the speed and skills of participants, but also their team collaboration ability and response ability.
After intense and interesting competitions, OK Fitness and JD Brother Joint Team won the first place in the group’s total scores with their excellent performance and tacit teamwork, and other teams also showed good strength.The award -winning representative of the first prize team said: “This activity allowed everyone to relax in the intense and busy work. It also set up a platform for communication and interaction and style display for the ‘little brother’ from different industries.The distance, in the future work, we will also be based on their posts to contribute to “Beautiful Tao Ran”
At the event site, the person in charge of the Party and Mass Service Center stated that on the road to building a “beautiful Tao Ran”, “Tao Ran” was dedicated and worked hard, from flood control, snow sweeping ice, traffic guidance, safety and duty.Do not ask for returns, active in every corner of the jurisdiction, participate in the construction of the community to build each field, and use practical actions to make important contributions to the development of the Tao Ranting area.
Next, Tao Ranting Street will continue to pay attention to the cultural life needs of the new format and the new employment group, build a communication platform for more self -display and value for the employees of the new business format, and jointly promote the innovation and development of various governance work with the “Tao Ran Brother”Essence
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