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This kind of "synthetic" food must be eaten less if it is delicious

The hot pot meatballs we usually eat are actually a kind of food that is synthesized by various meat or seafood raw materials. It has a delicious taste and is deeply loved by people.So what are the ingredients and additives?What are the dangers to eat too much?Don’t worry, follow me slowly to unveil this mystery!

First of all, we know that the main raw material of hot pot meatballs should be meat or seafood.Among them, pork, shrimp, sea fish, etc. are the main sources.In addition, some seasonings are needed, such as salt, pepper, starch, etc., so that the taste of the balls is better.Of course, if necessary, some preservatives and stabilizers will be added.So, is it really harmful to eating too much hot pot balls?The answer is: possible.

Although the additives in the balls are all in line with food safety standards, foods that contain too much additives with too much additives will indeed have a adverse effect on the human body.Especially for special groups such as children, pregnant women, and elderly people, it is more likely to be harmed by additives.In addition, if the balls contain too much salt and greasy ingredients, it will also increase the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.If the use of additives exceeds the scope of safety, it may cause harm to human health.

What is even more worrying is that in order to private interest, some illegal merchants use some raw materials such as meat and fish and shrimp, and some of them are directly blended in order to profit.EssenceIf you buy this kind of ball, it is very harmful to our health.

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