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This fashion work empowered by AI won four gold awards →

With the rapid development of AI technology, the combination of fashion and traditional culture has continued to surprise.A few days ago, Wu Liang, an associate professor of the Department of Visual Communication of Donghua University, won the four gold awards of video fashion, animation, artistic design, and dynamic graphics of video fashion, animation, art design, and dynamic graphics of the “Fan Painting Boat” created by the Department of Visual Communication.
In 2023, “Fan Painting Qinzhou” was first unveiled as part of the multimedia fashion show “Yishang Oriental”.Looking back at the scene of the fashion show on the day, the traditional Twitae is dynamic oriental landscape painting. The camera follows the “Feng Feng God Bird”, leading the audience to the huge “fan painting boat”, visiting the fantasy and futuristic “poemDraw natural “and” sea rhyme “.Behind the stage is a huge large screen with a length of 80 meters long and 5 meters high. It is located in it, just like opening the gate of the Yuan universe that enters the parallel space -time, and the experience is full!
这背后正是《扇画琴舟》团队运用三维动画、AIGC和裸眼3D技术,以东方传统文化元素,大胆重构元宇宙式的秀演场景,打造了一幕虚实相间、未来复古,融声、The innovative comprehensive design and expression of light, painting, and performance, interpreting the concept of “sensory domain” to the fullest, bringing an emerging art feast to online and offline audiences.
Although “Fan Painting Boat” presented in front of the audience is only 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the creative process is full of challenges. The Wu Liang team needs to overcome the integration problem of AI technology and fashion design to ensure that the application of AI in fashion design is both both.It does not affect the unique charm of traditional culture, but also brings a new visual experience.After repeated debugging, the team finally found the best balance.Wu Liang said that the application of AI technology in the fashion field has just started. How to play the advantages of AI technology on the basis of respecting traditional culture requires more people’s efforts.The combination of brings more surprises to the fashion industry, so that traditional culture has glowed in the new era.
(Source: Shanghai Changning)
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