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The Writers reward "I was rejected by the British, and the feeling of being injured by civilization was really painful."

Source: Old Lice Yu Lezhong WeChat public account


In early March, after returning from Thailand, I started preparing to prepare a British tourist visa.

When filling out the form online, I am a little worried about my weakness -unmarried, no old, no old, no young, because it is often an important reason for the European and American tourist visa to refuse visas.After all, people like me have no concern in China, and it is easy to be considered that the possibility of black in the country is not likely.

Nonetheless, I am still willing to believe that Britain is an enlightened country and will not discriminate against single people.

I am filled in “Why Traveling to the UK”, I wrote in English:

AS A Social Media Writer and Phd Holder in History, WhenVer I write or say some, I am Always Refuted and Satirized, just before ve never ben there. That ‘s why I crave a trip to English andOther Western Countries for More Knowledge About their Civilization, Culture and Society, So as to Make My Essays More Persuasive, and My Thoughts More Deep and I ncisive.

The meaning of Chinese is: as a social media writer and a doctor of history, whenever I praise Western countries in articles or exchanges, I am either refuted or laughed at, because I have never been there.This is why I have been eager to travel to these countries.I hope that through this travel, I will understand their civilization, culture, and society more, make my article more convincing, and make my thoughts deeper and sharp.

At the moment of submitting the application on the Internet, I was confident that this reason was very unique and very sufficient.

Last Wednesday, I drove from Guiyang to Chongqing to submit materials.

After the materials were submitted, I suddenly realized that maybe, although this reason is unique, the British visa officer may not understand. After all, they are likely to not understand my public account article.The reason, thereby doubting my tendency to immigrants.

The next day, when I returned to Guiyang’s house, I began to wait for the results uneasily.

On the third day, I received an email from the British Embassy and said that my application was not enough for StraightForward (directly clearly), and I needed to strengthen the review. I hope I will wait patiently.

My email makes my heart even more disturbed.However, I am still willing to believe that Britain will accept that I sincerely worship it to travel.

At noon yesterday, just after lunch, I received the second email.

With the heart that “six points may pass and quarterly may be rejected”, I opened the mailbox with a trembling hand.

The word Refused instantly stabbed my eyes.

Throughout the afternoon, I was frustrated, but I was unwilling.

In the evening, a student who taught in Guiyang Middle School after graduating drove me to rural areas in the suburbs.

The weather was really good yesterday, not cold nor hot.Along the way, he opened the window, but I had no intention of enjoying the cool breeze of spring night.Although he boasted me, when he was old, his body remained very good, but I couldn’t be happy.

When I was chatting with each other, I had always been uncertain and felt qi and depressed.

When I got home, I went to bed early, but couldn’t sleep, and felt very wronged.

I really have no tendency and interest in the UK, because I really don’t like the rainy and humid weather there.However, I have always worshiped the British country, because it is the birthplace of human modern civilization. Many thinkers and scientists who have affected the direction of human development have been born. It is worthy of feeling the social atmosphere there in person.

In addition to Britain, I also intend to play in several major European countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark …), and the time planning is two months.

The British visa was rejected, which means that I cannot apply for a German visa within half a year. I can only cancel this trip to Europe. Although I have already made an appointment with a reader who immigrated to Germany in her early years. After I arrived in Germany, she drove me to take meTake a look at the quiet forests in Germany and the forest trails suitable for walking.

I really didn’t expect that I was embrace a sincere heart, but I was accidentally injured by civilization. This feeling really hurts …

This morning, when I woke up, I wanted to open it, and I decided to try again after a while.

I believe that Britain is a reasonable country.This time, I failed, it must be because my statement is not in place, and the materials preparations are unknown …



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