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The World Health Games will be held in the first city of the world

Source: Pan Finance

On the occasion of the May 1st International Labor Day, the World Health Games will hold a series of activities to welcome the May 1 -Day event in the first city in the world.The event is “the stage of healthy sports, you will come!” For the theme, advocate people to practice the concept of civilized and healthy life.

Dr. Hong Hongdeng, Executive Chairman of the World Health Games, introduced that this time in the first city in the world, it aims to show the spiritual appearance of the healthy life of the whole people through a variety of forms.The main items are: first, the Chinese king’s court Chinese service show; second, the Dragon Ball collective dance competition; third, martial arts competition; four, calligraphy and painting competition; fifth, tug of war competition; six, skipping competition; seven, 掼 egg competition; eighth, 掰 wrist competition; Nine, compete for competition; ten, creative results competition.

At that time, in the “son -in -law palace” outside the world’s first city, acupuncture and mass mountaineering competitions will also be held.In short, the World Health Games will organize more healthy sports competitions.

People from all walks of life are welcome to sign up for this event.The audience who signed up for various sports competitions, and audiences who participated in Chinese clothing and Hanfu, can visit the park for free during May 1st.During the garden, you will also meet with the “emperor” and “queen” of all ages, and you can take photos.The event was hosted by the World Health Games and the First City of the World. It was organized by the World Health Games Competition Committee and Huadao Guoli Beijing Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

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