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The press conference of the first China Food (Agricultural Products) Drug High -quality Development Conference was held


In order to accelerate the development of new quality productive forces and promote the high -quality development of food and drugs, on May 23, the press conference on the high -quality development conference of Chinese food (agricultural products) and the 30th anniversary of the “Three -Rural Agriculture Work Communication” was held in Beijing.

Take a photo of the conference.(Photo of the organizer)

Yin Chengjie, a special researcher at the Council of the State Council, the former executive deputy minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, Zhang Tianzuo, Chief Animal Rev. of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Director of Rural Cooperation Economic Guidance Division, consultant of the three rural work committees of the China Food and Drug Promotion Association, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural MinistryDirector Guo Shutian, Diao Lijun, Chief Engineer of the Planning and Design and Research Institute of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau, Guo Yuhai, a professor at the School of Agricultural and Biotechnology of Agricultural University of Agricultural University, Huang XinwangHu Zhaorong, chairman of the three -rural work committee of the Food and Drug Promotion Association, and director of the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Technology, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, President Mao Zhenbin of the China Food and Drug Promotion Association awarded to Hu Zhaorong to appoint the appointment, and appointed Hu Zhaorong as the chairman of the three rural work committees of the Chinese Food and Drug Enterprise Quality and Safety Promotion Association.

In his speech, Hu Zhaorong said that the work goals of the agriculture and rural committees are designed to reduce the risk of people’s health, increase the happiness index of the Chinese people, and truly implement the health China strategy.The purpose is to make 1.4 billion Chinese people less ill, late, and minor illness. Putting people’s health on the strategic position of priority development, make up for shortcomings, strong and weak items, and ensure people’s health in all -rounds.More well -being contributed to the healthy development of the three agricultural undertakings.

At the meeting, Mao Zhenbin gave a keynote speech on “promoting high -quality development of food (agricultural products) to deepen safety governance”. He pointed out that to promote high -quality development of food (agricultural products) drugs and deepen safety governance is the key.The first is to deepen the governance of food and drug safety; the other is to deepen the governance of food and drug safety risk; the third is to deepen the co -governance of food and drug safety.

He particularly emphasized the use of the scientific use of food and drug supervision.The science of food and drug supervision is a new science based on food and drug supervision activities and its laws, to improve the quality and efficiency of food and drug supervision work, and focus on supervision tools, standards and method innovation.

In his speech, Yin Chengjie said that, as a state -owned enterprise or a private enterprise, the company’s main company must transform the theme of high -quality development into an independent action of enterprise development.Implementation into the practice of enterprise development, strengthen control from the source, and do a good job of safe production of agricultural products.

During the meeting, the staff of the agriculture and rural work committee specifically introduced the development process of “Sannong Work Communication”.In the introduction, the publication published an album “Research on China Agricultural Issues” every year from 1991-1994, and then was renamed “Communication” to “Johnite Agriculture and Farmer Work Communication”, and it has been submitted to the Central Ministry of Agricultural Economic and Technological Research Institute.With the competent agricultural and rural departments of the provinces, this move was supported by the then party secretary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Du Runsheng, the director of the Central Rural Policy Research Office. This publication has gone through 35 years in 3 stages.About 17 million words, welcomed and praised by experts inside and outside the Ministry of Agriculture.

During the meeting, Mao Zhenbin and Hu Zhaorong issued certificates to ten directors.


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