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The "Online Teaching and Research" column of the National Primary and Middle School Smart Education Platform is officially launched!

Guizhou Education Release

On March 28, the launching ceremony of digital education integration, intelligence, and internationalization and the launching ceremony of the “expansion and quality and improvement years” was held in Beijing.During the period, the national primary and secondary school smart education platform “Online Teaching and Research” column was officially launched, and the first national collective online teaching and research activities were officially launched.Look at it together-

The “Online Teaching and Research” column is sponsored by the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education. The Institute of Curriculum Institute of the Ministry of Education and the Education Technology and Resource Development Center of the Ministry of Education will be jointly organized and implemented with provincial and municipal teaching and research institutions and basic education curriculum standard revision groups.This is the further enrichment and improvement of the function of the National Smart Education Public Service Platform. It is a new exploration that gives full play to the role of digital teaching aid and leading teaching and research transformation and development.The direction of reform and teaching and research work and the construction of high -quality basic education systems have played an active role.

In the first phase of the national collective online teaching and research activities, the overall teaching of the elementary school math “Yuan” unit is the case. It is hosted by the teaching and research room of the Education Department of Zhejiang Province to focus on the difficulties of the first -tier teachers in the course of course and the reform of classroom teaching., Discussion, expert guidance, online interaction and other links.

Scan and watch the first online teaching and research live class

National Smart Education Platform

Is a comprehensive integration general platform

Gathering a lot of curriculum and resources

How to enter the platform to learn?

Let’s look at it together

Step 1: Search for the WeChat public account of “Guizhou Education”.

(Long press to identify or scan the QR code below to follow)

▼ ▼▼

Step 2: Enter the Guizhou Education Public Account Platform and click “Convenience Services” at the bottom menu bar.

Pay attention to your friends, you can enter the Guizhou Education to release the public account, click “Service”, and find and click “Convenient Service” in the pop -up interface below the screen.

Step 3: Enter the convenience service interface, find and click “National Smart Education Platform” on the page to enter the platform to learn.

After two years of iterative upgrade

What are the results of platform construction?

In the future, the construction and application of the platform

What kind of development path should I persist?

Keep watching–

In the past two years, the construction of the National Smart Education Public Service Platform adheres to the core concept of “connecting first, content, and cooperation”, and adheres to the basic principles of “application as king, service first, simple and efficient, and safe operation”.The direction of development, intelligence, and internationalization, steadily and orderly promote various tasks, and obtained widely recognized the majority of teachers and students, various schools at all levels, and all sectors of society, and achieved good results.

The scope of platform applications has expanded significantly.In 2023, three provincial -level platforms were newly accessible to Guangxi, Yunnan, and Gansu, and a pilot pilot of the entire province was carried out in 18 provinces.Cumulative registered users exceeded 100 million, with more than 3.6.7 billion views and 2.5 billion visitors.Relying on the platform to carry out teachers’ training activities, a total of more than 40 million participants have been released; 17.55 million various positions have been released in the past year, and nearly one -third of college graduates have employed employment through the platform; launched the first digital support innovation test to help 14,000 villagesElementary and middle school students grow.Release the “National Smart Education Platform Application Innovation Case Collection” to demonstrate the leading platform application; carry out the national smart education platform application training, and enhance the awareness and ability of rural teacher platforms.

The high -quality resources of the platform continue to expand.Form the “three horizontal” covering basic education, vocational education, and higher education, covering the “three vertical” resource service pattern of moral education, intellectual education, and physical education, and build the world’s largest education and teaching resource bank.Gather 88,000 resources in primary and secondary schools, and the version of the textbook version has been increased to 65 in total 565 volumes. Line “Experimental Teaching Boutique Course”, “Give the Children’s Master Lecture Hall” and other science popularization resources, integrate “youth reading space”, “Chinese Language Digital Museum Museum””Wait for reading resources; gather more than 10,000 online boutique courses in vocational education, add” corporate resources “and” craftsmanship “and other columns; gather 27,000 high -quality high -quality courses in higher education, and integrate more than 65,000 textbooks, videos and other typesLearning Resources.Newly set up the “Creation Platform” section, select nearly 500 innovative and entrepreneurial courses, and effectively improve students’ innovation and employment ability.Line special resources such as “2023 Summer Teacher Training” and “Network Security Propaganda Education”, which has strongly promoted the development of teachers’ professional development.

Platform service functions are becoming increasingly perfect.The first is service intelligence.Upgrade the “Intelligent Education China Period”, online unified search engines, provide praise, collection, and reposting functions to complete the transformation of aging and obstacles; online “smart education” APP, national smart education reading platform, and enrich various platforms for platforms.Improve the functions of online group rolls, offline exercises, live teaching.The second is data precision.Real -time collection and analysis platform curriculum information and learning data, providing customized, precise support services and resource recommendations for teachers differentiated teaching and personalized learning; extending the scope of operation monitoring of the national smart education public service platform, expanding the depth of monitoring, collecting data collection dataMore than 5 billion, helping the construction of digital data centers for national education.The third is management.Build and upgrade the operation monitoring platform of the Ministry of Education, incorporate the credits of the national smart education public service platform and the online course platform into the management scope, and realize the “platform evaluation platform” and “platform management platform”; promote 30 government affairs such as admissions examinations, employment, and study abroad. “”One Netcom Office”, with a total of over 80 million pieces.

The platform operation guarantee has been comprehensively improved.Continuously improve the “digital base” to form a platform architecture of “three platforms, one hall, one special, and one special district”. Based on the use of the original support of computers, classrooms, mobile phones, TV screens, etc.PC end, realization of data and computing power.Focusing on platforms, data, resources, literacy, and publishing 7 standard specifications such as the “Basic Functional Requirements of Smart Education Platform”, “Education Basic Data”, “Technical Requirements for Digital Education Resources of Smart Education Platform”, and “Teacher Digital Literacy”.Printing and issuing the “National Smart Education Platform Digital Education Resources Review Specification (Trial)”, developing platform digital education resources into warehouse management specifications, and conducting special investigation of platform content security.Printing and issuing the “National Smart Education Public Service Platform to the Management Specification (Trial)”, clearly clear the access requirements of “unified name domain names, unified user certification, and unified operation monitoring”, and effectively ensure network security.

The international influence of the platform has continued to increase.Provide public welfare learning support services and high -quality educational resources for global learners.In June 2023, China ’s“ National Smart Education Platform ”won the 2022 UNESCO Prize for Education and Academy of Education and Cultural Organization with the outstanding achievement of“ promoting public knowledge acquisition through digital learning platform ”.In January 2024, the international version of the National Smart Education Public Service Platform of China was launched. It supports 6 official languages of the United Nations such as Chinese, English, French, and three major sections of information columns, resources services, and government affairs halls. Among them, the information column provides the World Digital Education Conference.For the information of international conferences, continue to update the latest information of international exchanges and cooperation in digital education; the first batch of the resource service sector is about 780 courses, linking the resources of digital museums such as the National Museum of China, the Palace Museum, and other digital museums;7 services including Huayi Student Visa and Chinese Level Exams.

In the past two years, the platform application has blossomed and highlights, which has played an important role in comprehensively promoting the national education digital strategy action.Provided strong support for innovative teaching; injecting the source of living water for the development of teachers; upgrading for education governance files and upgrading; contributing to the national strategic layout.

In the future, the practical path of leading the high -quality development of digital education with the application of national smart education public service platforms will continue to promote the deepening of digital changes.Continue to improve the operating mechanism of the national smart education public service platform; continuously enrich the service function of the national smart education public service platform; actively explore the application model of the national smart education public service platform; accelerate the global promotion of the national smart education public service platform.

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