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The nation’s first comprehensive sanitary and healthy and convenient e -map release

  Science and Technology Daily (Reporter Li Liyun Zhu Hong correspondent Yi Xiaofeng) How to make “running less legs and more data”, providing truly precise, personalized, intelligent, convenient and easy -going health services?On March 31, the reporter learned that the Harbin Harbin Health and Health Committee of Heilongjiang Province recently launched the first comprehensive sanitary and healthy and convenient electronic map (hereinafter referred to as health maps) in the country.

  The reporter saw that this health map was marked in detail about nearly 5,000 health and health service places in the area under the jurisdiction.After clicking to enter the corresponding section, the public can automatically locate the nearest health service point and obtain specific information according to the system guidance. You can directly call the special line call and achieve “one -click navigation”.

  Luan Feng, director of the Harbin City Health and Health Committee, introduced that health maps have used new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet. Citizens can download the “Health Harbin Service Platform” as needed, and click “Health, Health Service” in the menu bar “Health, Health Service””Map”, you can quickly understand the information of various sanitary and health institutions around the surrounding areas.

  ”In the past, we were bitten by cats and dogs to be vaccinated. It is difficult to find the nearest vaccination unit. Now with this map, the disease prevention and vaccine will not be detour.” Ms. Wu, a citizen, said.

  It is worth mentioning that the city’s public places are currently equipped with 2067 automatic vibrators (AEDs), which are distributed in large commercial supermarkets, subway stations, railway stations, stadiums and other places.In this health map, the location of AED is clear at a glance.Passers -by can use the navigation function to obtain AED in the shortest time, and start the treatment of cardiac arrest.There are also short videos of professor AED operation methods in the map, which can guide the masses to use it correctly.

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