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The first event of "Young Mind Cultivation Cultivation Action" was launched

On May 14th, Hubei Province’s “Youth Scientific Thinking Cultivation Action” undertaken by Wuhan University Hongyi School as a pilot unit held a launching ceremony in Wuhan Hongshan High School and held its first preaching.The Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology of the Science and Technology Department, the Hongshan District Science and Technology Association, the Youth Science and Technology Station of Hongshan District, the party committee secretary and dean of Hongyi School, and the secretary of the party committee of Hongshan Senior Middle School attended the event.Wang Song, deputy director of the Institute of Science and Technology Development of Wuhan University, was invited to conduct scientific lectures. The backbone of the students of the party group of Hongyi School, representatives of popular science volunteers, and more than 600 students from Hongshan High School participated in the event.
On behalf of Hongshan Senior High School, Wang Xiyan extended a warm welcome to the arrival and activities of the guests, and introduced the cultivation model, education and teaching effectiveness, and science and education running of Hongshan Senior Middle School.He said that the popular science lecture hall is of great significance for cultivating students’ thinking ability, innovation and practical ability. I hope that students will cherish opportunities, listen carefully, conscientiously think, actively interact, and express their scientific thinking.
In his speech, the relevant person in charge of the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology of Science and Technology stated in his speech that this event is one of the key demonstration activities of the special pilot pilot of the “Youth Science Thinking Cultivation Action”.The journey of thinking cultivation is the vivid practice of the cultivation of integrated scientific literacy cultivation in our province.She put forward three expectations to the students participating in the event: I hope that students can maintain their love and curiosity about science, continue to explore the mystery of science, and contribute to the country’s scientific cause; I hope that students will lay a solid foundation in high school.Growing into a high -quality composite talent with deep scientific literacy, pursue excellence in climbing the peak; I hope that students will always combine the Chinese dream with the successful dreams, so that the background color of youth will be more bright in the trip to the country.
The event opening ceremony was held at the scene, and the leaders of the meeting pressed the launch button together to sign the official opening of the “Youth Scientific Thinking Cultivation Action”.
Wang Song carried out the first popular science theme of the theme of “Bending Smile Eyes and Performance”.He introduced the background knowledge, technical principles, development history, and prospects of the radar in a simple and graphic expansion.The rich and wonderful popular science content keeps applause from teachers and students on the spot.In the exchange and discussion session, he also interacted with the students present with the students of college major and the frontier of radar technology research.
Li Zhen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hongyi Academy, said in the summary of the event that this “youth scientific thinking cultivation action” not only helps students understand the principles and use of radar technology, enrich the scientific knowledge of students, but also inspire students to use scientific thinking to innovate innovationSexual thinking and exploration.He hoped that his classmates would find the “radar” in his life as soon as possible and make unremitting explorations for achieving the goals of life.
The representatives of the party member of the First Party Branch of Hongyi School, the backbone of the members of the group members, and the popular science volunteers also conducted face -to -face exchanges with the students of Hongshan High School on topics such as college life, professional selection, scientific thinking, and learning methods.The atmosphere is warm and interactive.(Correspondent: Tang Yu, Wang Xiaohang)
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