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The chopped fish head from Hunan to the world will develop in the direction of more nutritious and fashionable health care

Red Net Moment News April 20th News(Correspondent Xie Beiwen) In order to promote the consumption of mass, stabilize the core position of Hunan African -African Beils Fish Beat Making Skills Protection Center and the Communication Center. Recently, the Hunan Food Culture Research Association is the management of the management of non -heritage chopped pepper fish head production technology project management projects in Hunan ProvinceThe unit co -organizes the “Huatian Cup” China · Hunan Fish Cultural Food Festival and non -heritage chopped pepperfish head production technology contest with Hunan Huatian Hotel Management Co., Ltd., and nearly a hundred chopped pepper fish head production techniques from the country participated in the competition.
After the chopped pepperfish head became the first to become popular, the national catering industry owners and chief chefs came to Changsha to learn the production skills of chopped pepper fish heads. Hunan chopped pepperfish head bloomed in the north and south of the motherland, and spread to Chinese restaurants in Europe and the United States.As a result, the popularity of Hunan cuisine has been increased and the promotion of Hunan cuisine in the country has been promoted.
The chopped fish head is not only the number one signature dish for Hunan cuisine, but also a world -renowned Chinese representative dish.Hunan should vigorously strengthen the promotion and protection of the production technology brand of chopped pepper fish head.
At the end of December last year, the production technique of chopping pepperfish head was approved by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government as a representative project of Hunan Provincial Intoglobes Cultural Heritage, which was the best brand culture for the non -heritage project.This competition is a national inheritance and promotion activity after the production of chopped pepper fish head production after being included in the non -heritage of Hunan Province. It is a popular production technology competition event.By carrying out a series of promotional activities and protection measures, the ancient technique of chopped pepper fish head production skills is inherited and carried forward.
Li Anming, the person in charge of the management of Hunan Province’s non -heritage chopped pepper fish head production technology project, chairman of the Hunan Food Culture Research Association, and the master of Chinese catering culture, said that the production technique of chopping fish head will develop in the direction of more nutritious and fashionable health.He introduced that at the competition, the gold -ear -chopped pepper fish head developed by Hunan Big Rear Earnary Co., Ltd. was well received, marking the sought after the new generation of chopped pepperfish heads combined with nutritional ingredients.The nourishing nutritional value is better than that of gluttonous and black fungus, such as gold -ear edible bacteria, which is a strong combination with delicious and protein -pocket chopped fish heads.
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