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Taiyuan, Shanxi, explores the management of the health certification of food practitioners in the management of electronic management.

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Taiyuan, Shanxi, explores the management of the health certification of food practitioners in the management of electronic management.

□ Our reporter Qin Haifeng

“Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang, who handled a health certificate …” Said Ms. Wang, who worked in a supermarket in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, surprised.On March 3 this year, she made an online appointment to apply for a health certificate. On March 5, she went to the designated institutions to receive, take pictures, medical examinations, and meters, and then went home to wait.On March 8th, the unified format health certificate was sent to her mobile phone, and you can read it at any time.

The health of employees is an important factor affecting food safety. Standardizing the management of employees’ health proof is an important means to effectively prevent people and objective pollution.The application of the preventive health of food practitioners is supervised and inspected by the market supervision department. In practice, law enforcement staff often encounters various kinds of physical examination proof of authenticity, inspection of inspection on -site people, and various types of health certificates, and have not carried a health certificate.The problem.

In order to further regulate the management of health certifications for food practitioners and prevent fake medical examinations and fake certificates, since 2023, the Taiyuan Market Supervision Bureau of Shanxi Province has paid close attention to the shortcomings and blockages of health certification management, actively explored innovation, improves management measures, promoted to promoteFood practitioners’ health certification electronic management system innovation and innovation, realizing the “one network management, one certificate, one code, certificate goes, universal in the city” in the city’s health check -ups, and achieved significant results.

The electronic management system of the food practitioner’s health certificate is independently developed by the Taiyuan Market Supervision Bureau Union Taiyuan Health and Health Commission. On the basis of maintaining the original health certificate processing process and the unchanged physical examination institution, food practitioners are the main management service objects., Unified the format, number, and content of the prevention of health testing, and the health checkup of food practitioners in the city realizes the “fiveizations”, that is, the optimization of the physical examination process, the simplification of the procedure for the license, the standardization of the format, the electronicization, and the integration of management.It only takes 3 steps to complete the health certificate: first, the online appointment (the first time in the province), the second is the decentralized medical examination (no need to wait), the third is that the electronic proof is automatically generated (the province is queuing for the second time) and attached the two -dimensional codeDirectly sends it to the physical examination.In 2023, the system issued a total of 301,539 electronic health certificates.

Since the implementation of the electronic management of food practitioners, on the basis of solving practical problems, it has effectively promoted the information development of food safety governance, promoted and promoted the implementation of the responsibility of food safety, and achieved good social effects.Through the public WeChat or computer PC side, the system publicized the health certificate processing process, all physical examination requirements, whether free and whether the reservation situation of the next week, etc., to achieve information transparency, and facilitate the inquiry and handling of employees.The medical examination personnel can make an appointment for medical examinations through the mobile phone app. The medical examination agency is selected on the Internet and made an appointment for the specific time. You only need to go to the medical examination institution to achieve the medical examination certificate. The medical examination time and the process are compressed for 2/3.At present, the medical examination process has been realized, and the cost of the physical examination is about 6 yuan, and it is not easy to lose or bad.The medical examination agency is confirmed by the appointment information on the spot card. After the medical examination is over, the system automatically numbers the medical examination certificate according to the medical examination time., Realize the sharing of health examinations between regions.In addition, the electronic health certificate management system is bound to the WeChat public account and bureau website of the Taiyuan Market Supervision Bureau, and the communication channels between the public and the market supervision department are further unblocked.

At present, the electronic management system of food practitioners in Taiyuan City has undergone more than 500,000 people’s use inspection, which has accumulated rich experience in promoting the modernization of food safety modernization.

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