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Special inspection of food safety in Jingtou Town, Dong’an County

Red Net Moment News March 25th News(Correspondent Wang Fangzheng) In order to strictly implement the responsibility for the management of food safety, build a “firewall” of food safety. On March 24, the on -site supervision and inspection work of the first -quarter food production and operation subjects in Jingtouzhen Town, Dong’an County.

The staff of the town food and security office mainly targets whether the licenses of the non -staple food shops and comprehensive store operators are complete, whether the purchase inspection system is implemented, whether there are expiration and deterioration, “three non -” foods, etc.Purchasing, storage, production and processing, health checkups of employees, and disinfection and disinfection of catering tools.At the same time, the staff also promoted the “Regulations on the Supervision and Management of Enterprises Implementing the Supervision of Food Safety Anthology” to each operator to improve their awareness and responsibility of food safety.

This event checked a total of 10 stores and 15 catering. For the on -site rectification list of irregular operators, it was ordered to rectify the merchants within a time limit. The Town Food and Safety Office will also follow up in real time on the completion of the rectification to ensure that all the problems are in place.

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