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Southern Network Review: Ecological environment partition control, painting new picture rolls with green and high -quality development

  近日,《中共中央办公厅国务院办公厅关于加强生态环境分区管控的意见》(以下简称《意见》)发布,明确在新时期全面加强生态环境分区管控,以高水平保护推动高质量发展、创造高Quality life, strive to build a beautiful China that is harmonious and harmonious with nature.

Picture source: EG365/Visual China

  The control of ecological environment partition is aimed at ensuring ecological functions and improving environmental quality. The environmental management system that implements differentiation and accurate control and control in sub -region is an important measure to improve the level of modernization of ecological environment.From the perspective of the “Opinions”, according to the characteristics of the structure, functions, quality, and bearing capacity of the ecological environmental environmental environment, ecological environment management requirements are implemented one by one to the management and control unit, including the ecological environment priority protection unit, the key control unit of the ecological environment, and the key control unit of the ecological environment, and the key control unit of the ecological environment.Multiple regions such as general management and control.This “one unit, one strategy” precisely compiles the differential ecological environment access list, which helps to provide strong support for the macro decisions and major planning of local governments, guide major project site selection, guide the reasonable layout of the industry, promote the industryOptimization, transformation and upgrading.At the same time, with the system as a traction, controlling pollution from the source, and continuously optimizing the development pattern, it will better promote the high -quality development of green green and social and society.

  The vitality of the system lies in implementation. The key to implementation is to seize the opportunity and win the initiative.In fact, as a pioneer in China’s reform and opening up and high -quality development, Guangdong’s exploring the control of the ecological environment zoning has always taken one step and demonstration.As early as January 2021, Guangdong issued the “Guangdong Province” Three Line and One Singles “Ecological Environmental District Management Plan”, which is clearly based on the environmental control unit, implemented refined management and protect the ecological environment.The system, dynamically optimize the planning of land and space and the “14th Five -Year” related planning, and continuously implements the updated results in major deployments such as “10 million projects” and orderly transfer of industries.The accumulation “to the good situation of” qualitative leap “.Not only that, the province also focuses on the implementation of ecological environment partition management and control, build a provincial -level ecological environment partition management and control information platform, opens the webpage side, and the mobile terminals such as Guangdong Province, and Guangdong Shangtong to achieve data sharing and sharing, expand the management and control of the ecological environment partition zoneThe results, a series of pragmatic measures have been effective, adding dynamic vitality to the high -quality development of Guangdong’s economic green and high -quality development.

  Those who do not seek the overall situation are insufficient.What should be seen is that the co -construction and shared ecological environment partition control results, Guangdong not only has the determination and courage to dare to be the first and good achievements, but also strives to promote high -level ecological protection and high -level ecological protection and through the way of “dot and connecting and connecting into pieces”.High -quality development complement each other and complement each other, and then helps the country’s green and low -carbon high -quality development.Taking Guangzhou Panyu as an example, in order to optimize the layout of the industrial park, the government functional departments can implement the relevant system and policy requirements of high energy, high emissions, and low -level project management according to local conditions, and guide key industries to large environmental capacity, strong market demand, market guarantee conditions, and market guarantee conditions.Good regional scientific layout and orderly transfer, at the same time strengthen the management of key management and control units of ecological environment, promote the green low -carbon transformation and upgrading and clean production transformation of traditional industries such as petrochemical, steel, and building materials, and promote the realization of high -quality development methods to green low -carbon high -quality high -qualityThe steady development of development provides practical models and action guidelines for the implementation of ecological environment partition control throughout the country.

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