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Shanxi Taiyuan Ecological and Environment Bureau participated in the launching ceremony of the 10th National Fitness Festival and Walking Activities of the National Fitness Festival

The wind is smooth, spring is suitable for people.On the morning of April 13th, the launching ceremony of the 10th National Fitness Festival in Taiyuan City, with the theme of “National Fitness and Olympic Games”, kicked off in Jinyang Lake Park.In order to enhance the physical fitness of the majority of cadres and employees, improve the level of health, and enrich the cultural and sports life, the Taiyuan Ecological and Environment Bureau actively responded to the call of the Municipal Commission of Industry and sent 50 representatives to participate.

According to the organizer’s planning route, the staff team participating in the launching ceremony departed from the podium of the Jinyang Lake Celebration Square, and went south along the fitness trail to the end of the Jinyang Lake Theater.The whole journey of walking is 4.6 kilometers. It takes about 60 minutes. Everyone is enthusiastic, admiring the full spring of Jinyang Lake Park, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the vitality and passion brought by sports.Positive spirit.

After the event, everyone stated that participating in the walking activities not only enhanced the physique, boosted the spirit, but also promoted exchanges and enhanced cohesion.In the future work and life, you will continue to adhere to physical exercise, and invest in various tasks with stronger physical fitness, fuller enthusiasm, and more high fighting spirit to add new vitality to reproduce the “Splendon Taiyuan City”.

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