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"Shanghai Global New Products New Landmark" was announced, and Xuhui was on the list!

“Shanghai Global New Products New Landmark” has been announced a few days ago. The highly anticipated West Coast Swiss ORBIT and the West Coast Art Center list of the west banks in the Xuhui area are not only confirmed by the outstanding results of the Xuhui area in the field of “starting economy”, but also more vividly active and vividly.It shows its strong development vitality and strong support for Shanghai’s strategic goals for Shanghai to build an international consumer center.

As an important engine that promotes the construction of Shanghai International Consumer Center, “fast lane” is entering the high -quality development.With the influence of the two major heavyweight launch landmarks selected by Xuhui District, Xuhui District will further activate Shanghai’s “starting economy” potential, and effectively help promote the entire city to build a new business landscape with new flowers and new products.Trends leading and consumption upgrade leading positions.

West Coast Switzer ORBIT

Address: No. 3299, Binjiang Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District

The construction area of the West Coast Jaxinxin ORBIT is about 5,500 square meters. It is created by the world architectural design master Thomas Heatherwick.The design and innovative architectural structure encourages visitors to explore and interact freely, like the stars that shuttle in the star track, so that “people” can truly become part of public art.The indoor design was chaired by the architect Yu Ting, the architect of the Wutopia Lab, and took the “vortex upside down” as the design concept. The rotating and rotating texture and texture made the west coast’s Swlow and ORBIT a “inside out” building.

ORBIT on the West Coast is the first public art building of the Financial City of the West Coast of Hong Kong. As a new fashion art landmark on the Huangpu River, it has become a three -dimensional extension of urban culture with diverse artistic fashion and cultural exchange activities.Vogue FOF, LAMER, Tiffany and other fashion activities have been held since opening.

West Bank Art Center

Address: No. 2555, Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District

The West Coast Art Center is transformed from the factory building of the Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory’s stamping workshop. While the designer retains the original large -scale large scale and the history of the industrial culture it is carried, the designer sets the equipment and auxiliary of the equipment and assistance in the space expansion.The use of rooms to maximize the industrial characteristics of the original space.With the new diamond -shaped steel structure and facade, this old plant has re -established a connection with the surrounding cities that are constantly renewed and rebuilt.

In addition to the two major main display spaces on the first and second floors, the West Coast Art Center has both VIP conference rooms, lecture rooms, exhibition stairs, parking lots and other functional areas. The supporting facilities are complete, which can meet the needs of different types of exhibitions and performances.EssenceToday’s West Coast Art Center, as one of the important cultural activity carriers on the West Coast, actively play the role of platforms and attracts high -quality cultural activities such as cultural and artistic innovation, artificial intelligence, and design fashion that meets the overall development requirements of the West Coast.Overall comprehensive development and construction.

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