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Shaanxi food industry three key industrial chains cultivate 100 billion yuan industrial cluster

Recently, according to the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology: The development of the food industry in Shaanxi takes three key industrial chains of dairy products, liquor, and selenium -rich products as the lead to actively cultivate a group of 100 billion -dollar food industry clusters in Shaanxi with distinctive characteristics of Shaanxi.

At present, the overall strength of Shaanxi dairy industry industry is ranked among the country, the production of milk powder ranked third in the country, and liquid milk production ranked seventh in the country.Among them, Shaanxi Sheep milk industry agglomeration, sheep milk production and processing capabilities, the production and sales of sheep milk products, and the number of brands ranked first in the country, and have become national advantageous and characteristic industrial clusters.Shaanxi goat milk powder production and sales account for more than 80%of the domestic goat milk powder market share, and infant formula sheep milk powder accounts for more than 95%of the domestic market share.

Our province’s selenium -rich food is mainly concentrated in Ankang.At present, Ankang has formed more than 10 category of selenium -rich food industry systems, with 252 selenium -rich food processing enterprises above designated size. Ankang High -tech Zone is the national new industrialized selenium -rich food industry demonstration base recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.2023 The value evaluation of the public brand value of China Tea Area shows that “Ankang Selenium Rich Tea” ranks twenty of the 118 rated brands across the country with a brand value of 4.38 billion yuan.

Shaanxi liquor industry has a long history.At present, there are more than 20 liquor manufacturers such as Xifeng, Taibai, Dukang, and more than 500 series of varieties. The chain -owned enterprise Shaanxi Xifeng Winery Group Co., Ltd. in 2023 operating income reached 10.34 billion yuan.In addition to the provincial key industry chain, other industries in the province’s food industry have also appeared in recent years.For example, the rise of functional foods represented by medicine, food and food, plant extracts, small grains, special food and food, etc., and the development of functional foods represented by food and food; new progress has been made in the development of the prefabricated vegetable industry.The construction of the project has been accelerated, and the agglomeration effect of the industrial park has gradually emerged.At the same time, the steady development of leading enterprises in the food industry in our province has driven its role and has become increasingly prominent.10 companies including Aiju Group are selected as demonstration enterprises in the national staple food processing industry.The Weiwei tea is the standard “leader” of the national tea industry, and has made outstanding contributions to the construction of the industry.More and more leading enterprises in Shaanxi’s food industry have operated the entire industry chain operations such as breeding, initial processing, deep processing, comprehensive utilization, logistics sales, and cultural tourism.Promoting, export -oriented development, and joint farmers and farmers have been continuously promoted, driving various types of business entities to accelerate gathering to the park.

Today, a number of regional public brands such as “Shaanxi Goat Milk”, “Puyang Tea”, “Small Miscellaneous Grain” in northern Shaanxi have a strong influence at home and abroad. At the same time, our province has vigorously supported corporate brands, “stone sheep”, “”The heart of the heart” “茯 心 心 心”, “He’s milk powder”, “Babe sheep”, “Ai Ju”, “Xirui”, “Changan Flower” and other brands have a high popularity in domestic and foreign markets.The healthy food industry has become an important force for Shaanxi to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

Source: Published in Shaanxi

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Original title: “Shaanxi Food Industry Three Key Industry Chain Cultivation of 100 billion yuan industrial cluster”

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