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Rockets’ Porter Jr. Allegedly Assaults Girlfriend, Disappoints in Foul Play Again

Rockets player Porter Jr. was arrested on Monday local time after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, former WNBA player Kesley Gundrezk.

This isn’t Porter’s first offense, as he was arrested for a DUI in 2018 while he was a student at the University of Missouri, and in 2021, he was arrested for a parole violation.

Porter Jr.’s “misdemeanors” are listed below:

2018: Porter Jr. was arrested for DUI while attending the University of Missouri.
2021: Porter Jr. is arrested by police for a parole violation.
2023: Porter Jr. allegedly assaults his girlfriend.
Porter Jr.’s behavior is disappointing. As a professional player, he is supposed to set a good example for the community, but instead he repeatedly commits offenses that negatively impact fans and the team.

Netizens also condemned Porter Jr.’s behavior. Some netizens said, “It’s time for Porter Jr. to do some soul-searching, and he should pay the price for his behavior.” Some netizens also said “Little Porter’s behavior is intolerable, I hope he will get the punishment he deserves”.nike react element 87 gray

Rockets’ Porter Jr. Allegedly Assaults Girlfriend, Disappoints in Foul Play Again

Little Porter’s behavior also attracted the attention of the NBA. NBA spokesman Mark Adams said: “We are shocked and disappointed by Porter’s behavior. We will work with the Rockets to investigate this matter.”

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Porter Jr. But what is certain is that he needs to pay the price for his behavior in order to redeem himself.

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