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Quanzhou Judicial Strong Precepts and Nan’an No. 2 Middle School set up middle school students’ anti -drug education bases

Signing ceremony.Zhao Bin’s picture

Southeast Network March 25 (reporter Chen Peiyuan, a reporter from this website, Zhao Bin) In order to deepen the construction of the “Green Guardia” brand and promote the construction of the youth drug prevention education system, recently, Quanzhou Judicial Mandatory isolation and detoxification station relies on, Together with Nan’an No. 2 Middle School, jointly build a middle school student anti -drug education base.

At the ceremony, the two sides emphasized the urgency and significance of adolescent drug prevention education, and then officially signed a co -construction cooperation agreement to strengthen and deepen the strategic cooperative relationship between the two parties in the level of anti -drug education in a standardized and institutional form.The prelude to the launch of the teaching project of anti -drug education base.

On the same day, the police at the Quanzhou Judicial Strong Precepts presented a wonderful and impressive anti -drug education class to the students of Nan’an No. 2 Middle School.Through the analysis of real cases, professional and fine anti -drug knowledge interpretations, and diverse interactive learning experience, students can feel the serious harm of drugs, and then strengthen the beliefs of drug refusal and anti -drug.

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