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Ningyang County First People’s Hospital: Volunteer Services Spring Wind Health Science Enter Wanjia

  Luwang March 26th News In order to implement the notice of the county science association on the “popular science entered the Wanjia to build a new Ningyang” and the spring series of science popularization, and improve the health literacy and first -aid capabilities of the county people, the First People’s Hospital of Ningyang County, Tai’an City has carried out various forms of various forms.The popular science campaign of free clinics will give the masses a “healthy meal.”

Science and technology volunteer service spring wind

On the afternoon of March 20, the Health 365 Volunteer Service Team of the First People’s Hospital of Ningyang County came to the Ganshan Community of Heshan Town to carry out the popular science clinic of “Science and Technology Volunteer Services Spring Wind”.

Before the start of the free clinic, endocrinology, dairy, gynecology and infertility clinics, urology, and ophthalmology experts combined with their majors, and brought about common health misunderstandings and health knowledge of the masses, bringing them to the people at the scene.The easy -to -understand micro science lecture reminds community residents to improve the awareness of disease prevention and health care and enhance their own health literacy.

In the science science gap, the volunteers combined with the expert’s health knowledge sharing and carried out a prize and answer to health knowledge. The masses actively raised their hands and answered. Volunteers sent health gifts such as canvas bags to the participating people. Popular science was in a warm and strong atmosphere in the atmosphere of popularity.Do it.

After the popularization of popularization, experts combined with clinical work experience, answered questions for the people at the scene, asked in detail the past medical history of the people, checked the past medical records, conducted a detailed examination, analyzed the disease, and gave it to different diseases and individual individual differences.Suggestions for individualized diagnosis and treatment to get satisfactory praise from the masses.

Volunteers also carried out blood pressure measurement, breast and thyroid color Doppler ultrasound examination, eyepiece inspection, urinary system color ultrasonic examination, prostate tumor logo blood test, etc. for the community residents.Handbook and handbags.

In this free consultation, more than 100 residents of the community were served, more than 100 health publicity materials were distributed, and more than 300 health examinations were carried out.

Improve ability to save “” on your side

In order to enhance the emergency literacy and service capabilities of employees of the organ employees, on the afternoon of March 21, the Health 365 Volunteer Service Team of Ningyang County First People’s Hospital was invited to the County Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau to carry out the “rescue”For the training of first aid skills around me, more than 50 staff members in the bureau participated in the study.

First of all, by the ambulanceman of the Chinese Red Cross, volunteer Ning Hui brought you a lecture on “Cynewango”. Zhalai, director of the 120 scheduling room, shared the “Heimlik Emergency Law” and used professional knowledge.With the exquisite PPT display, the identification of cardiac arrest and airway foreign body obstruction, emergency procedure steps, and the essentials of operation are displayed to everyone.Through a question and answer, guide students to start thinking, review in a timely manner, and learn from the rigorous and enthusiastic atmosphere.

After the lecture, Director Cha Lai Li demonstrated the standard operation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Hamrich’s first -aid. While explaining the demonstration, the students took the initiative to come forward to practice.EssenceEveryone said that this lesson arrangement is necessary. It has been very timely. Through learning, it has enhanced their service capabilities and first aid knowledge, which has benefited a lot.

Popular science enters Wanjia Healthy Village Bank

On the afternoon of March 22, the Health 365 Volunteer Service Team of the First People’s Hospital of Ningyang County came to Tiefo Temple Village, Tiefo Temple in High -tech Zone to give the elderly for the elderly in the village.

Winter and spring is the high incidence of many respiratory infectious diseases and digestive tract infectious diseases. Preventing infectious diseases. Washing hands is undoubtedly one of the cheapest and simplest and convenient methods. Volunteers first share with the masses of “seven -step washing method”.The standard method of breaking hands was decomposed. Volunteers and the people on the scene stretched out their hands together.

Xu Qiang, an expert in Cardiology, Ningyang County First People’s Hospital, combined with his many years of clinical work experience. The harm caused by the prone to falling into the elderly, and how to explain how to fall from the level of life, environment, medication, disease, functional exercise and other levels.Specific measures to prevent falling, as well as how to evaluate correctly after accidental falling, how to take correct self -rescue and first -aid measures with the people on the spot.

In the classroom, combined with the content of the lectures, volunteers summarized questions from the masses in time. The masses actively raised their hands to answer the questions, and gave gifts to the right to give the correct people to the main points of health knowledge and improved the quality of teaching.

More than 30 elderly people in the village participated in the study. Through the wonderful lectures of experts from the First People’s Hospital of Ningyang County, they were rich and rich in health knowledge of the elderly in the village, enhanced the self -care awareness of the elderly, and enhanced everyone’s self -rescue and rescue.Skill.

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