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NBA’s muscle lineup: O’Neal’s powerful arms, LeBron in tight jersey

There are many muscular ball players in NBA history who are invincible on the court with their strong physical fitness. The following is the strongest 5-position muscular lineup in the author’s mind:

Center: O’Neal

O’Neal’s muscles are one of the best in NBA history, and he has a bodybuilder-like figure. His arm muscles are especially well developed and he can easily crush opponents under the basket.

Power Forward: Karl Malone

Malone’s muscles were a symbol of strength and endurance, and he was able to take on opponents inside for long periods of time. His muscles are spread all over his body, making it difficult for opponents to find a breakthrough.

NBA’s muscle lineup: O’Neal’s powerful arms, LeBron in tight jersey

Small Forward: LeBron James

James’ muscles are a combination of strength and speed, and he can score outside and inside with ease. He has defined muscle lines that leave fans in awe.

Point Guard: Westbrook

Westbrook’s muscles are a symbol of explosive power and he can easily break through opponents’ defenses. His muscles are well defined and look very aesthetically pleasing.

Point Guard: Michael Jordan

Jordan’s muscles are a perfect combination of strength and speed and he is able to score from any position. His muscles peaked during his second three-peat, and his arm muscles are thicker than many centers on the current roster.

Of course, everyone has different aesthetic standards and may have different opinions on the most muscular lineup. But undeniably, the above five players are among the most muscular players in NBA history.

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