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Hubei: 17 cities and prefectures in the province set up urban real estate financing coordination mechanisms

Xinhua Finance Beijing, March 25th. According to the Hubei Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Finance and Administration, the Hubei Provincial Department of Housing, Urban -Rural Development, and the Hubei Supervision Bureau of Hubei Province jointly held a television conference call for the work of urban real estate financing coordination mechanisms.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of the relevant meeting of the State Council, and notified the progress of urban real estate financing work in the province.Up to now, 17 cities and prefectures in Hubei have established urban real estate financing coordination mechanisms, with a total of 403 projects, with a total financing demand of 134.9 billion yuan; 42 projects have received 6.649 billion yuan in new banking financing.The first batch of 77 “white list” project financing demand is 16.8 billion yuan. It is expected to land at the end of March.The team leader of Wuhan and Xiangyang City’s financing coordination mechanism, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hubei Branch, and Guangfa Bank Wuhan Branch were mainly responsible for comrades for experience exchanges.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to correctly understand the significance of the city’s real estate financing coordination mechanism, fully realize that this is an important measure to implement the central government, it is an effective means to meet the needs of enterprise, grab the policy opportunities window, and strive for more project financing.

The meeting emphasized that local governments should fulfill their main responsibilities, strengthen overall coordination, schedule and supervise, and study and solve the problem of financing of real estate projects.The housing construction department should do a good job of reviewing and taking the initiative to serve, and improve the quality of the “white list” project.The main responsible comrades of each member unit must effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the first responsible person, adhere to the goal orientation and problem -oriented, and form a joint effort.It is necessary to promote the implementation of the coordination mechanism, accelerate the formation of the “two closed loops” of “push -implementation -feedback” and “loan -use -management” in financing, improve the efficiency of financing issuance, and ensure the security of loan funds.It is necessary to accelerate the transformation of real estate enterprises and guide housing companies to provide high -quality residential products that adapt to diversified and improved housing needs.It is necessary to strengthen positive publicity and continue to enhance market confidence.

The meeting requested that commercial banks should consolidate the foundation of financing and credit, improve the institutional mechanism, increase credit support, and cannot improve the loan standards without authorization.For the first batch of “white list” projects, we must “loan due to loans” and “fast -loan” to increase the financing rate of financing.For projects that temporarily have problems but can apply for financing after solving, the regulatory authorities and banking agencies should cooperate with the coordination mechanism of various cities to promote the solution one by one and include the subsequent batch list.


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