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A large locust tree that pinnate the nostalgia of the world in the world, a long -lasting “Yutangchun”, and a world -famous Feihong glazed tower, let the “Chinese hometown” Hongdong shine …

Relying on the unique cultural tourism resources, Hongdong County is expanding and improving the quality of the first batch of national tourism demonstration areas, and made every effort to build an internationally renowned cultural tourism destination.

“Wandering all over the world is a home.”On the beautiful spring day, the reporter embarked on the land of Huaixiang, opened a “home” journey, and felt the changes and vitality here.

A journey of roots

“Ask me where my ancestors are, the big locust tree in Hongdong, Shanxi. What is the name of the ancestor’s former residence, the old lady under the big locust tree.” This widespread folk song sang Hongdong, sang the Hongdong Daihuai treeFinding the Roots Worship Garden Scenic Area (hereinafter referred to as “Hongdong Daihuai Tree Scenic Area”).

History, at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the largest, the longest, and most extensive official immigrants occurred under the large tree in Hongdong in Hongdong.Nowadays, the immigrants of Daihuai Tree are all over China and migrate overseas.

On March 13, the reporter came to Hongdong Daihuashu Scenic Area.Starting with the “root” and shadow wall, passing through Lianxin Bridge, Huaixiang Bridge, and Qi Ming Bridge, strolling the ancient rhyme trails, bypassing the same source canal.Repeatedly.

Visitors of Hongdong Daihuashu Scenic Area are woven.Interviewed units confession

Many tourists stop to watch before the exquisite and lifelike giant “immigration relief picture”.”This bronze relief is 23.68 meters long and 4.48 meters high. Through the three parts of immigration, immigrants, and migration of immigration, the historical scenario of Hongdong’s great immigrants is reproduced.”He Donghai introduced.

Today, the Hongdong Daihuai Tree Scenic Area has become the only sacrifice place with the theme of “rooting” and “ancestors” nationwide, and its ancestral customs are also included in the national intangible cultural heritage list.

The reporter learned that the Hongdong Daihuai Tree Scenic Area is divided into five theme areas of “immigration historic sites”, “ancestor worship zone”, “folk experience area”, “Fenhe Ecological Zone” and “Gezu Cultural Plaza”.Culture “” Open Door Welcome “,” Su San Road Cross the Da locust tree “,” Traditional Sacrifice “and other performances and real -life performances” Da locust tree Immigration “and” Iron Pot “, etc.;Hall maps, family genealogy, books, and life utensils of the Ming and Qing dynasties, people can cross time here, remember the past, and taste nostalgia.

During the Spring Festival holiday this year, tens of thousands of tourists at home and abroad came to the Hongdong Daihuai Tree Scenic Area to experience the charm of the ancestral culture.Each attraction, each courtyard, each performance, and every activity allows tourists to linger to the long -term ancestral culture of the big locust tree and the folk customs of Hongdong.

“From March 29th, in 2024, Linfen · Hongdong Daihuai Tree Finding the Roots Finding the ancestral Tourism Season series will be launched one after another. We have also been preparing for the root ceremony of the ancestors.” He Donghai said.

In recent years, the Hongdong County Party Committee and the County Government have adhered to the concept of “doing a good activity and bringing a city”, and the IP of the “Chinese hometown” was launched, and the Hongdong Daihuai Tree found the roots of the ancestral tourist season.A panoramic flood cave with better, higher face value, better temperament, and more charm.

A comfortable journey

Walking on the streets of Hongdong, “urban furniture” and other “urban furniture” such as roads, sidewalks, and isolations are cleaning the “beauty”.

“Tianshi Greentown is also beautiful, and livable and livable. It is better to travel. Now our lives are so happy!” Ma Jianjun, a retired cadre of Hongdong County, who often said in the morning exercise of the morning exercise in the wetland park of Hongdong River, said with emotion.

As a tourist city of cultural tourism, Hongdong County insists on building spiritual civilization as an important way to establish a good image.The county has carried out the environmental sanitation improvement of the main roads, back streets and alleys, and urban and rural junction, and increased refined cleaning of roads, green belts, bus platforms, and fruit shell boxes.At the same time, focus on solving the management of cities such as garbage and random stacking, small advertising psoriasis, etc., and optimize urban order.

“We anchor the greening, improvement, and speed up of garden greening, quality improvement, and speeding up. The main line is based on the memory of” looking for roots’, and the small and micro space of the status quo is tapped.Construction of micro -green space, pocket parks, and cultural walls. “Qi Mingming, deputy director of the Hongdong County Garden Business Development Center, introduced that through the improvement of the root ancestral culture, surname culture, hometown culture and garden landscapeThe value is more beautiful.

Fenhe Xinzi.Duan Jianwu Photo

Not only that, Hongdong County has also carried out the activities of “civilized tourism, doing the most beautiful tourists” and “talking about civilization, new winds, and striving for Hongdong good citizens” activities, and continued to enhance the civilized awareness of tourists and tourists.

In order to make tourists comfortable, Hongdong is a complete facilities around the food, accommodation, travel, travel, and entertainment, and continuously optimize the tourism service system-

“Hongdong Snack City” upgrades, awaken the taste of hometown, and becomes a gourmet punch place;

Build a fast channel for tourism on the entire line of Binhe East Road to achieve six high -speed access to the city. The airport is adjacent to the city, and the traffic is seamlessly connected;

There are more than a hundred new and reconstruction of tourist toilets in the whole region, and launched “toilet navigation” to find “toilet positioning” in WeChat applets to make it more convenient to “convenient”;

A number of cultural tourism consumer and leisure districts such as Lianhua City have been built, and thousands of tourism products such as non -heritage cultural products, Chinese surnames, and Laojia taste are developed;

Fresh the channels for complaints of tourists, guide tourists to introduce relevant tourists to complain or complain about disposal methods, and handle the reasonable demands of tourists as soon as possible;


“We firmly establish the concept of serving tourists and satisfying tourists, and make every effort to start the” Tourism Satisfaction in the Hongdong “brand and accelerate the creation of internationally renowned cultural tourism destinations.” Zhang Qinglong, director of the Hongdong County Cultural Relics Tourism Service Center.

A hearty journey

Remember the Tang monk in the 1986 version of “Journey to the West” sweeping the tower?The shooting place for the tower was the flying rainbow tower in Guangsheng Temple Scenic Area, Hongdong County.

Entering the mountain gate, Feihong Liuli Tower entered the eyes.It is the only multicolored glazed tower in China at present in China, the most complete, complete and longest time.

This tower is as high as 47.3 meters and has a total of 13 floors. The eaves of the octagonal tower are made of yellow, green, and blue glazed glazed.Under the sun’s shining, the tower is shining and beautiful. Some netizens call it “the beautiful glazed tower that cannot be released every detail.”

Guangsheng Temple in Hongdong County Flying Rainbow Tower.Guimingxing Photo

Zhang Qinglong introduced that at present, Hongdong is vigorously promoting the Hua Tai Mountain (Guangsheng Temple) cultural scenic spot project.The total investment of the project is 2.5 billion yuan, and the main construction content is tourist service centers, business hotels, commercial streets, ecological parking lots, etc.It is expected that by 2025, the number of tourists will be received 1.15 million.

“You don’t know, there is another summer resort in Hongdong.” Zhang Qinglong turned around and told reporters that Zhongzhen Huoshan Hongdong Xingtang Temple Scenic Area was awarded the nation’s first batch of national “summer tourism destinations” by the National Meteorological Administration.EssenceThe scenic area is magnificent and beautiful, and the forest coverage rate is as high as 89.1%.

Combined with the local resource endowment, Hongdong promotes the construction of the Xingtang Temple Zhongzhen Cultural Park, with “Kangyang Xingtang” as its positioning, and “Xingtang Culture” and “Summer Holy Land”.History and culture, etc., with a total investment of 780 million yuan to create a cultural tourism demonstration zone with “happy hometown of health and cultivation Tang”.

To meet the diversified and multi -level tourism needs of the people is even more important.Relying on the cultural relics of Guangsheng Temple murals, Feihong Liul Pagoda, and “Zhaocheng Jinzang”, Hongdong County has introduced holographic projection, VR virtual reality experience, and LP somatosensory interactive display system to provide tourists with a new immersive tourism experience.At the same time, vigorously promoted the construction of cultural museums and libraries into the scenic spot, and built 40 cultural museum libraries in 16 towns and villages in the county, opened the last mile of public cultural services, and promoted the upgrading of the cultural tourism industry.

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