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Heze Market Supervision and Administration Bureau organizes the special random inspection activities of the Peony Festival Food Safety

  Luwang March 23 In order to ensure the food safety during the Peony Festival, it provides tourists with a safe and assured tourist consumption environment. Recently, the Heze Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has organized a special spot inspection activity of the Peony Festival.


The food safety sampling inspection covers the scenic spots of the Peony Festival and the surrounding food business units and catering service units, highlighting the test items such as excessive standards of agricultural and culinary drugs, heavy metals and microbial pollution, and “two super” food additives “two super”.Second-rate.picture

The random inspection work is jointly implemented by law enforcement officers and professional testing agencies, and sampling and sealing strictly in accordance with the “Measures for the Administration of Food Safety sampling Inspection” and “Shandong Provincial Market Supervision and Administrative Bureau Food Safety Substitute Standards”.For products with unqualified random inspections, risk prevention and control and verification and disposal will be carried out in accordance with the law.At the same time, release information such as food safety consumption prompts and risk prompts to improve consumer food safety awareness.

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