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[Fun Science Course] The Fun Science Course of the Provincial Science and Technology Museum has begun signing up!

Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Museum

Fun Science Course of the Provincial Science and Technology Museum

Start signing up!

Theme science course

Ecological Pure Land -Shennongjia

The vast and mysterious Shennongjia has a well -protected virgin forest resources.There are many kinds of rare wild animals and plants that have many kinds of rare wild plants here. What is more curious and yearn for people is the mysterious legend of the “savage”.Today, let’s embark on the exploration journey together and enter the ecological pure land -Shennongjia.

Animal postman

Pigeon -the postman in the animal world can find the destination with a unique ability, and the “Biography of Flying Pigeon” proves its pivotal position.What kind of scientific mysteries do this excellent navigation ability contain?Let’s find out the wonderful blending of science and nature through the course.

Popular science activity

Scientific exhibition treasure hunt

Each exhibit contains the mystery of science, like a fan leading to the door of knowledge.Let’s pick up the task card, walk into the exhibition hall, and find the treasure of wisdom along the context of science.Little explorators, come to join us and explore the treasure house together!

Science and technology workshop

Salt bag

What are the magical effects of salt everywhere in life, in addition to cooking food?Come and participate in the “Science and Technology Workshop” this week, enjoy the charm of China Salt Lake with us, understand the scientific knowledge about salt, and sew an exclusive salt bag!

Registration method: Pay attention to the “Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Museum” WeChat public account → click “Send Message” → click “More exciting” → select “Online Registration” → Select the corresponding course for registration.

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