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Focus on psychological security, "Yili Ark" allows happy education to fly into the national campus

  recentlyIn the country,29indivualNationwideSafety Education Day of Primary and Middle School StudentsforwardXiThe children of Turmutzi No. 1 Primary School in Hohhot, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, ushered in a unique public education open course.The “Yili Ark” Children’s Safety Public Welfare Project joined hands with Yili “Yixin Xiangyang” volunteer team to enter the first primary school of Tumittezi Banner to carry out the “happy escort
Growing up -‘Yili Fangzhou’ Happy Education Carnival ”activity, through vivid and interesting interactive games, gave children a happy education on security and emotional growth.

Yili Ark “Happy Education CarnivalActivity

  ”“Illi Ark” builds the cornerstone of security for dreams

  ”Yili Ark “Children’s Safety Public Welfare Project is Yili Group and the Western Western Talent Development Foundation2012The empowerment -type public welfare project jointly initiated by the year advocates “the best protection is to teach children to protect themselves.”12Over the past year, “Yili Ark” has adhered to the concept of “there is safety first, and then dreaming.”600Yu Zong School, escort37More than 10,000 children grew safely.

Ma Tianhao, Deputy Secretary -General of the Western Talent Development Foundation of China, delivered a speech

  Ma Tianhao, deputy secretary -general of the Western Talent Development Foundation of China, said at the launching ceremony that with the development of society, children’s safety issues are constantly changing. A series of new risk factors such as psychological security, network security, and ecological security have occurred.EssenceIn response to these new children’s safety issues, we need to strengthen relevant research and preventive measures, establish a children’s safety protection network for children, schools, and social collaboration, and create a more secure and healthy environment for children.

Yang Yong, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Turkitt Zuoqi, delivered a speech

  Yang Yong, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Turkitt Zuoqi, attended the event and delivered a speech. He said that safety education is an important part of education and is related to the safety of each child’s life and physical and mental health.Today, through the form of a happy education carnival, the “Yili Ark” public welfare project presented safety education to children in a way of entertaining, allowing them to learn safety knowledge in a relaxed and happy atmosphere and improve their self -protection ability.

  Little yellow hat, red vest, set off happily together

Volunteer representative of Yili “Yixin Xiangyang” speaks

  In order to ensure the safe and orderly activity, Yili “Yixin Xiangyang” volunteer team30Many volunteers came to the scene to escort the event.”Yixin Xiangyang” is under the guidance of the Yili Group Youth League Committee2007The volunteer team established in the year, currently there are volunteers in the country1More than 10,000 people.Over the years, “Yixin Xiangyang” volunteers have always promoted the spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress” volunteer service spirit, active on multiple public welfare fronts, divided worrying for the country, serving the people, and successively won the national unpaid blood donation to promote the special award of the special award.As well as2021The 10th Mother River Award of the Year -Green Contribution Award,2022The honor of the Outstanding Youth Volunteer Service Organization of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region year has also been praised by the letter of the Beijing Winter Olympic Committee.Volunteer representative of Yili “Yixin Xiangyang” said that children and adolescents are the future of the motherland and the hope of family, allowing children to grow up healthily and happily, which is the common expectations of the whole society and the “Yixin Xiangyang” volunteer team.One of the goals.

Chen Feixing, an expert in educational group of Beijing Normal University, taught for students

  The event is owned by this event220Several students participated. Chen Feixing, an expert in educational group at Beijing Normal University, was invited to conduct happy education knowledge teaching and interactive game design for students participating in the event to guide them to learn to learn happily and grow safely.

Yili Ark “Happy Education CarnivalActivity

  Under the leadership of Yili’s “Yixin Xiangyang” volunteers and teachers, students carried out intense and happy interactive activities based on class.Through the three theme activities of “Ark Qi Sailing”, “Challenge Extreme” and “Relay Decoding”, students fully enjoyed the happiness brought by the game itself, felt the trust of close cooperation with their companions, and also experienced the acceptance of challenges and successful success.hapiness.Turkitt Zuoqi No. 1 Primary School2019class5After participating in the event, Ban Wanghan said: “Through these games, the relationship between students can be promoted. We have also learned to help each other in the future life and study to make the class better.”

Yili Ark “Happy Education CarnivalActivity

  Narc from the body to nursing “growing up great”

  As an important part of safety education for children and adolescents, mental health and emotional growth have received widespread concern in recent years.This year3moon18On the day, the National Student Health Work Consultation Committee formed by the Ministry of Education issued an initiative: I hope that families, schools, and society will work together to escort students’ mental health.The “Happy Education Carnival” event focusing on psychological security issues is an active attempt by the “Yili Ark” children’s safety public welfare project in expanding the project’s breadth and depth.

Yili Ark “Happy Education CarnivalActivity

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