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Exploration of Shenzhen Yong’an Elementary School Education Reform: The perfect combination of literacy and practice


[Exploration of the Reform of Education Reform of Shenzhen Yong’an Elementary School: The perfect combination of literacy and practice] Yong’an Primary School, Yong’an Elementary School, Yongtian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong held a teaching seminar with “big unit · big concept” as the core, which attracted many people in the educational industry.focus on.The purpose of the activity is to share and explore the reform of the literacy standard in teaching, and promote the comprehensive development of students through interdisciplinary project learning.The exhibition displayed on the spot shows the ability of students to integrate knowledge in various disciplines, as well as projects that students participate in social practice, such as marine environmental protection.


In this dynamic era, Shenzhen Yongan Primary School carried out a unique teaching seminar, which not only improved the quality of education and teaching, but also made the majority of educators and parents shine.A series of teaching practice with “big unit · big concept” as the core is displayed in this activity. The learning results of children’s learning in Chinese, mathematics, English, science and other disciplines are amazing.Not only did they give full play to their imagination and creativity in the classroom, but they also showed solid knowledge integration capabilities in various interdisciplinary projects.From classrooms to social practice, from learning traditional culture to participating in environmental protection actions, each step of children shows the power of education reform.

The leaders of the Yantian District Education Bureau and educational experts from all parties have highly evaluated the progress of Yongan Elementary School’s one year in the past year.They believe that allowing students to grow in the environment of middle schools and playing middle schools are the ideal model of future classrooms.Such teaching strategies not only inspire children’s interest in learning, but also cultivate their innovative spirit and practical ability.Participants have stated that the seminar provided them with valuable education reform experience and laid a solid foundation for promoting the education of the literacy.

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