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Despite Barcelona’s interest, Senegalese record breaker to join Metz

Senegal’s young soccer prodigy Amara Diouf appears to be on the verge of joining Ligue 1 side Metz.

Diouf became the youngest player to represent the Senegalese national team in this month’s match against Rwanda, and his performance has attracted a lot of attention and buzz in Senegal.

The 15-year-old was trained by Dakar’s renowned soccer academy, Generation Foot, which also played a major role in Sadio Mane’s early career.

Diouf’s association with Mane is not limited to the academy, and he has often been compared to Mane for his speed and composure on the pitch. He made 10 appearances for Senegal at U17 level, scoring eight goals.

Diouf’s record-breaking debut attracted widespread attention. Barcelona, Premier League giants Manchester United and Arsenal had tracked him after initial scouting reports.

Despite Barcelona’s interest, Senegalese record breaker to join Metz

According to transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, Metz have moved swiftly to include Diouf in their youth academy, while the European giants are prepared to wait until at least 2024 to sign him.

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