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DeRozan laments hard life, netizens cheer him on

Today, Bulls star DeRozan tweeted about the hardships of life. He wrote, “Getting through it all and trying to maintain ……” .

DeRozan’s tweet caught the attention of netizens, and many of them left messages to cheer him on. Some netizens said, “You’re the best, don’t give up!” Some netizens also said, “We’ve been supporting you.”

DeRozan followed up with another tweet saying that he has the best advice in the world, but wishes he could give it to himself. The tweet seemed to imply that DeRozan is going through some difficulties, but he’s still working through them.

DeRozan laments hard life, netizens cheer him on

DeRozan is a top player in the NBA, a two-time All-Star and helped the Bulls make the playoffs in 2022. DeRozan has had a very successful career, but he has also experienced some setbacks. 2020 saw the death of DeRozan’s father, which affected him greatly.

Hopefully, DeRozan can overcome the obstacles and continue to be successful.
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