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Dalian Range Rover Sports Version Hot Promotion, Special offer 810,000!flash sale

In the car home Dalian preferential promotion channel, the preferential activity is currently conducting a preferential event with a maximum discount of 158,000.The minimum starting price is 810,000.If you are interested in the model, it is recommended that you click the “Check car price” in the quotation form to win higher discounts.

The Range Rover Sports Edition is a luxurious SUV, which uses a unique front face design, and the air grille is very recognizable.The car is full of sports as a whole, with smooth body lines and a sense of power.The body is decorated with a large amount of chrome, which looks very atmospheric.In the front of the vehicle, the Range Rover Sports Edition uses a unique front face design. The air grille presents a streamlined shape, echoing the body lines, creating a strong dynamic.At the same time, the car series is also equipped with LED headlights and daytime running lights, which enhances the recognition at night and daytime.On the side of the body, the lines of the car are smooth, and the wheel eyebrows and wheels are painted with black painting, which more highlights the sense of movement.At the rear of the car, the taillights of the Range Rover Sports version use a unique shape, which looks very fashionable.On the whole, the appearance design of the Range Rover Sport is very delicate, full of luxury and sporty, and is a very attractive luxury SUV.

The Range Rover Sports Edition is a luxurious SUV with a body size of 4946*2047*1820mm, a wheelbase of 2997mm, 1702mm in front wheelbase, and 1704mm in the rear wheelbud.The side lines of the vehicle are smooth and full of strength, showing the style of luxury and sports.The tire specifications are 255/60 R20 front and rear wheels. The wheels adopt a five -spoke design and a sport -style wheels, which highlights the motor temperament of the vehicle.At the same time, the body height of the car also makes it better through performance and is suitable for driving under various road conditions.

The Range Rover Sports Edition has a luxurious and elegant interior style, creating a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.The steering wheel is made of cortex and leather, which is delicate and comfortable. The position can be adjusted up and down and back and forth.The size of the central control screen is 13.1 inches, supporting the voice recognition control system, including multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and sunroof functions.The front and rear row are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces to facilitate connecting mobile phones for charging.The front row also has a mobile phone wireless charging function.The seats are made of imitation leather and dermis. The main and co -pilot seats can be adjusted for back and forth, back, height and waist support. The front seats also have heating and ventilation functions.Chair memory function.The second -row seat back can be adjusted, and the rear seats can be poured proportional, providing more space and flexibility.Overall, the interior design of the Range Rover Sport focuses on details and comfort, and provides passengers with a luxurious driving experience.

The Range Rover Sports Edition is equipped with a 3.0T 360 -horsepower L6 engine with a maximum power of 265 kW and a maximum torque of 500 N · m. It is equipped with an 8 -speed manual transmission, which provides a strong power and excellent driving experience.The performance of this engine is impressive and can bring outstanding acceleration and control performance to the driver.At the same time, the car also has excellent off -road capabilities, which can easily cope with various road conditions and complex terrain, and bring a safer and more comfortable driving experience to the driver.

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