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Chinese Enterprise Sports Association push the niche trend movement

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 12th. The first phase of the Chinese employee Poor Social Instructor Training opened on the 12th in Beijing. This is the Chinese Enterprise Sports Association.The popularity and development of our country.
The guests at the scene kicked off for the training class.(Photo of the organizer)  The Peak ball originated in the 1960s. The Chinese Enterprise Sports Association saw its easy -to -use, good development, low threshold, etc., and opened the creation and construction of employee Peak social instructor teams.
According to reports, there are more than 80 training in this training from different industries such as public security, information communication, forestry, and finance.Type training.
Teachers to teach students.(Photo of the organizer)  Ji Yunxi, chairman of the Chinese Enterprise Sports Association, and Sun Wenbing, director of the Tennis Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports and the mass tennis department, and deputy secretary -general of the China Tennis Association, attended the opening ceremony of the day.
Sun Wenbing said: “In 2023, the China Tennis Association established a Peak Promotion Committee to establish a training system for coaches and referees.The construction of a Peak Social Instructor System, all of which have laid a more solid foundation for the development of the Chinese Peak ball. “
Ren Jun (middle), director of the domestic sports project of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, supports the students to give away equipment on behalf of the students.(Photo of the organizer)  The training was funded by the “Hong Kong Jockey Club to help the National Fitness Fund” co -founded by the National Sports Foundation of China and the Hong Kong Jockey Club.Hosted by Gravity Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd..
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