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China seeks policy support for Russian automakers

BEIJING, Nov 24 (Reuters) – China has called on Russia to provide policy support for Chinese auto companies to produce, sell and operate in China, official Chinese media reported on Friday, citing the Chinese ambassador to Russia.

Ambassador Zhang Hanhui said China will promote the integration of the supply chain of the Chinese and Russian automobile industries. China is willing to utilize the supply advantages of the automotive industry and continue to develop models that suit the needs of the Russian market.

This request for policy support comes at a time when China is looking to expand its automotive business in Russia, especially in light of Western sanctions against the Russian auto industry. Chinese automakers have already made a major push into the Russian market, with brands such as Geely and Chery becoming increasingly popular among Russian consumers.

China seeks policy support for Russian automakers

The Chinese government believes that further integration of the Russian and Chinese automotive industries will benefit both economies. China’s expertise in manufacturing and supply chain management can help revitalize the Russian automotive industry, while Russia’s abundant resources and market potential can provide new opportunities for Chinese automakers.

It remains to be seen how Russia will respond to China’s request for policy support. The Russian government has been wary of opening up the automotive sector to foreign competition, but given the current geopolitical climate, it may be more open to Chinese investment.

The potential for increased cooperation between Russia and China in the automotive sector is huge. If the cooperation is successful, it will reshape the landscape of the global automotive industry.

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