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Beijing Eight -dimensional Education Inspection Inspection of Internet Security Development and Training High -quality Talents

Social development is rapid, and the demand for professional talents in all walks of life has shown a surge in. The development prospects of network security are broad, attracting more and more people to join.Throughout the development of the field, we can find that due to the increase in the increase in segments, the security issues of the industry are facing challenges.Beijing Eight -dimensional Education has continuously understood the development status of network security, cultivates high -quality talents, and provides a steady stream of motivation for the development of the industry.

The scale of the network security market has continued to expand, and its segmentation is also increasing. Each field has its unique technology and challenges, and it also brings more opportunities and development space.At present, the segmentation of my country’s network security projects is very standardized, which can be roughly divided into eight major directions: network security, host security, web security, mobile direction security, big data security, cloud computing direction security, IoT security, industrial Internet security.The Internet of Things extended by the Internet of Things has also attracted much attention. A car that brings together hundreds of millions of lines of code, network security also faces challenges.

Beijing Eight -dimensional education insights social development

With the rapid development of the network security industry, the current status of network security talents has also attracted the attention of the industry.According to the results of a questionnaire survey, the proportion of men and women in my country’s network security practitioners is 77:23, and men are still the main body of industrial labor.From a age point of view, network security practitioners over 40 years old account for 12.6%; practitioners from 31-40 years old account for the highest proportion, reaching 35.2%; practitioners aged 26-30 account for 20.8%;The proportion of people has risen year by year, reaching 31.4%. From this, it can be seen that network security practitioners have gradually become younger, and more and more young people have poured into the industry and injected fresh blood into the development of the industry.

Beijing eight -dimensional education optimization talent training

In addition to the selection of network security companies in the industry, network security talents also serve as Internet, technology companies, governments, public security and other public security institutions, as well as large enterprises such as finance and operators.It can be seen that network security talents are less limited in the industry, and most of the related positions in the industry can be competent.

Beijing Eight -dimensional Education pays attention to students’ needs

In the recruitment, the three industries of computer software, IT services, and the Internet have the greatest demand for network security talents, followed by network/information security, communication/network equipment, human resources services, consulting services, operators/value -added services, electronic/semiconductors, electronics/semiconductors/Integrated circuits, computer hardware and other industries have greater demand for network security talents.

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