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Baozun e -commerce technology strength leads digital commerce and empowers the wave of new waves

Driven by the wave of digital waves, the e -commerce field has once again stood at the wind of change.This time, AI technology has become the “helmsman” leading this change.

In the face of such a fierce competitive environment, only companies that dare to innovate and have the courage to break through can stand out in this new “marathon” and win the future.

It is not satisfied with the status quo, and there are major ambitions technology companies, they hope to win the role of the leader in this change.

Baozun, as a leader, pioneer and digital business empowerment in the Chinese brand e -commerce service industry, knows the importance of change.

Because the transformation of technology will also stimulate the change of business, and such a window period is often fleeting, and it is not a lot of enterprises that can get admission vouchers and can share the opportunities of the times.

What kind of barrier is Baozun, and how to deal with Baozun next? And depending on the 2023 financial report performance that he just released a few days ago.

01. It is both the first year of the transformation and the turning point

2023 is the first year of Baozun’s transformation. Investors who seriously pay attention to the change of financial report data may have a feeling. In 2023, Baozun is not just as simple as the company’s transformation.Turn or possible turning point.

The company recorded a net income of 8.8 billion yuan throughout the year, an increase of 5%year -on -year, and the net loss narrowed sharply. At the same time, its operating cash flow and free cash flow were both a record high.

In terms of performance, Baozun was indeed stable last year. It went deep into the internal structure. It can be found that the three major business segments of Baozun E -commerce, Baizun brand management and Baozun International are all promoted solidly.score.

Baozun E -commerce business has continued to break through in terms of omni -channel capabilities and improved service quality, successfully optimizing the cost structure, creating the best basis for the advantages of the best business cash flow of history, and further consolidating the advantages of compressor stone business.

The Baozun brand management business continues to upgrade the brand’s brand for GAP China to enhance the brand’s influence. The gross profit margin has increased significantly to 54%year -on -year, and the “second growth curve” has gradually taken shape.

After the successful acquisition of the Hunter IP, Baozun International’s business plans to actively explore the overseas and deploy the Southeast Asian market. Taking the Singapore and Malaysia market as the starting point, the Hunter iconic products are gradually launched.

Generally speaking, there is a new scene of thriving and upward development.

Perhaps many people will realize that today’s Baozun is significantly different from the Bao Zun two or three years ago.As for the reason, it seems that the business transformation is made or explained, which is not very convincing.The deep reasons behind it may be related to the unprecedented “self -revolution” that Baozun carried out internally.

The core of this “self -revolution” directly pointed out to master cutting -edge technology, exploring new paradigms, and promoting commercial landing.Baozun hopes that through the innovative power of science and technology, Baozun will carry out fundamental innovation of the current service model and the cooperation model with the brand, and provide a more intelligent and efficient omni -channel solution for the brand.

02. Baozun’s technology strength leads the new wave of digital business

As a digital business empower, Baozun actively embraces large language models and AI technology, and uses these cutting -edge technology reconstruction systems and processes to make every small change in the front -end market quickly reflected in the entire operation and supply chain.This agile response mechanism not only effectively improves the brand’s omni -channel operation efficiency, but also provides a strong motivation for sales growth.

Under the high recognition of customers, the company’s popularity and influence in the industry have been greatly improved. In the past year, Baozun opened up more than 50 new brand partners, including many internationally renowned brands such as Tiffany, TUMI and DysonEssence

It is undeniable that in the process of promoting the deep integration of AI technology and e -commerce venues, Baozun has a unique advantage and shows a strong leading power.At present, Baozun has successfully provided services for more than 450 top brands, and its scale advantages are prominent.If the AI tools can be cleverly integrated into the operating process, it will greatly improve the operating efficiency, which is difficult for a single brand to reach.

Not only that, Baozun has accumulated rich experience in brand services, as well as a large amount of industry data resources, coupled with AI technology blessings, Baozun has brought a better and intelligent service experience to customers, which will effectively solve the current side of the brand to effectively solve the current sideFacing problems.

Specifically, Baozun has achieved significant practical results in key scenarios such as text generation, image generation, and video generation.

For example, in Baozun’s internal operation support system ROSS, an AI text generation application called Baozungpt has stood out.This application has successfully connected to the industry’s leading model, including Microsoft Azure’s GPT4, Alibaba Yizhi Qianwen, and Baidu Wenxin, so as to show extensive extensive in e -commerce operations, marketing, design, and various office scenarios.Application potential.It is reported that Baozun has more than 3,000 employees to use this AI tool in high -frequency in daily work to assist in completing various tasks and greatly improve daily work efficiency.

Baozun e -commerce technology strength leads digital commerce and empowers the wave of new waves

At present, Baozun’s positive focus overcome more lightweight application components, and marketing, vision, video, commodity, smart customer service, design and other fields gathered in e -commerce operations.Unlock new capabilities.

For example, Baozun is currently exploring the establishment of a large -scale new brand e -commerce service AI Agent application, and plans to create a new AI intelligent operation service model.

In the AI e -commerce era, the technical concept proposed by Baozun is that Baozun not only needs to be the brand’s “hand”, but also the “brain” of the brand, and the “brain” here refers toThe decision -making system, such as the treasure rudder that is regarded as the cornerstone of the technical cornerstone by Baozun Group.

In order to make the brand stand out in the diversification and complexity of new retail, and to achieve the smooth and collaboration of the full link of e -commerce operations, Baudu has carefully created three core solutions to provide comprehensive and comprehensive and comprehensive and comprehensive and end -to -end digital business of the brand.Integrated support.

Baozun e -commerce technology strength leads digital commerce and empowers the wave of new waves

First of all, the DTC comprehensive solution launched by Bao Ru’s starting point is to help the brand understand and serve consumers to help the brand more deeper, thereby establishing a closer brand relationship.Secondly, Baudu provides omni -channel operation solutions to help brands realize fast market penetration and efficient operation management by integrating online and offline resources.Finally, Baudu focused on big data and cutting -edge technology, launched data intelligent applications, and used advanced data analysis models and algorithms to provide precise market insights and decision support for brands.

These three solutions are based on the double and middle stage of business data, covering PIM (product information management), OMS (order management system), CRM (customer relationship management), private domain applications, O2O (online arrival to online arrivalOffline) service, store digital tools, AI intelligent retail engines, and omni -channel BI data services and other rich and diverse products. It aims to meet the brand’s full -scale demand in the digital transformation process and help it maintain its leading leader in the new retail era.Essence

Since Baozun resolutely launched the construction of Zhongtanhua in 2017, after years of careful construction, it has gathered the wisdom and sweat of more than 1,000 engineers, and spent hundreds of millions of technology investment.The rudder has successfully incubated dozens of commercial application production lines, and built a technical architecture system with both business and data as the core, solid and efficient technical architecture system.Today, Baozun omni -channel operation Zhongtai is stable and securely supporting the online business operations of hundreds of top brands every day, providing strong technical guarantees for their digital business.

The technical ability and service system of Baozun and Bao Ruku has been fully affirmed by customers and third -party authoritative agencies. This can be seen from Gartner’s “distributed order management system market guide” released in 2024.The only brand operation service provider in the region is on the same stage as the world -renowned digital service providers such as Oracle, SAP, IBM, Salesforce.

03. AIGC brings new opportunities for “trillion” to the e -commerce industry

AIGC has brought new opportunities for the e -commerce industry. This view has gradually become a consensus. However, no many people will still understand it from a fundamental industry law.

Whether a industry is prosperous, fundamentally, it is necessary to start from the two sides of supply and demand. This is the most basic principles of economics.

First look at the demand.

As we all know, the length of the Internet penetration rate and the user occupied by Internet products is close to the bottleneck, and the focus of the realization of e -commerce or traffic platforms has transformed from the past to the king to the king, and the importance of accurate operation and precise release has become increasingly prominent.

The emergence and continuous evolution of AIGC has enabled them to highlight the huge role of cost reduction and efficiency in many aspects such as intelligent selection, content generation, marketing, release, order tracking, and system control.Bring a realistic actual income for small and medium -sized merchants and brand owners.

The growth of sales, the expansion of the market share, the increase in gross profit margin, and then the profit of profits, and then return to the “desire” of the application or investment of larger AIGC technology.”Root” will be deeply tied in the soil of the platform, and it will automatically grow in the ecology of the platform and continues to grow until the day when the cycle is broken.

And what will the supply side?

Brokerage research analysis believes that domestic head companies are still in the early stages, but AI technology may still promote the upgrading of the e -commerce industry.There are also words in the industry, and e -commerce has become the most ideal test field for AI commercialization.

After accessing the large model API interface, AI will quickly empower the service company such as Baizun, which makes its operating efficiency leap in qualitatively. Therefore, the willingness and viscosity of brand customers may be improved.Bring business or income increase.

The most important point is that AIGC technology applications can bring many innovative business models to service companies in the field of e -commerce. These innovative models not only enrich the commercial ecology of the e -commerce market, but also continue to inject new vitality into industrial development and continue to effectStimulate scientific and technological innovation.

Taken together, the current real situation of AIGC in the field of e -commerce is “two -supply and demand”, then the industry’s high probability will continue in this direction, which is beyond doubt.And because of the permanent changes between the supply and demand parties, it is determined that the trend will not be reversed.

Industry analysts have always believed that AIGC will bring new opportunities to the e -commerce industry, but how much is the value of this opportunity?

According to statistics, global e -commerce sales have been close to $ 6 trillion each year, accounting for 19.5%of all retail sales of the world.China is the largest e -commerce market in the world. Its online sales have exceeded $ 3 trillion, accounting for more than half of the global e -commerce market.

Baozun e -commerce technology strength leads digital commerce and empowers the wave of new waves

Baozun e -commerce technology strength leads digital commerce and empowers the wave of new waves

In other words, the value space of “squeezing” the cost reduction and efficiency through AIGC applications. Each percentage point, in the global e -commerce market and the Chinese e -commerce market, represent the net profit of US $ 60 billion and $ 30 billion, respectively.Sky. “

Calculated from the entire industrial chain and the entire platform, the author predicts that AIGC can reach at least 5-10 percentage points (sales ratio) in the short-term as medium in the market for short-term, which corresponds to the global e-commerce market and the Chinese e-commerce market.The release of the pure profit range of 300 billion-600 billion US dollars/150 billion-30 billion U.S. dollars, respectively. After the RMB, it was properly stood above trillion in China.

And those e-commerce service-oriented enterprises and smart brand operating service providers with the most excellent technology-driven business models are expected to participate in these pure interest space among 20%-50%.

Of course, competitors with the ecological layout of the entire industry chain and the overall channel business of the entire platform, the proportion of its division is often rising.Even if the lowest proportion is considered, in the Chinese e -commerce market alone, the potential profitable space faced by these companies is calculated at the scale of hundreds of billions of yuan, which is naturally not necessary to say huge attractiveness.

In addition, the development of e -commerce is growing rapidly in Southeast Asia, and its position in the global e -commerce market is becoming increasingly important.As of the end of 2023, the e -commerce markets in 18 countries in Southeast Asia ranked among the top 10 in the world. From the perspective of growth rates, the growth rate of e -commerce industry in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,5.Therefore, the author deeply recognizes the decision -making of Baozun International’s business plan in Southeast Asia.

At the same time, it also indicates that Baozun will have the opportunity to bring AIGC technology in the field of e -commerce and its advanced technology system in the future, and its advanced technology systems to bring the market with the fastest growing countries, thereby changing its competitive pattern and ecology.

It has come in the future! Mastering the core technology of the treasure, standing on the cusp of the times, it is still in front of most competitors.

Baozun e -commerce technology strength leads digital commerce and empowers the wave of new waves

04. End part

In the AI era, Baozun’s goal was not only the leader in the field of e -commerce services, but also hoping to become the brand’s most trusted digital business partner.

In terms of service scope, not only in China, Baozun focuses on all potential markets that have not been overcome globally.

Because it is aware that technology and business are unbounded. As long as they can provide customers with better, smarter, more convenient and efficient services to help brand users stand out in the fiercely competitive digital economy market, then there will be a chance to get customers to get customers.Trust and recognition.

Therefore, Baozun has continuously invested in R & D resources, optimized service processes, improved service quality, continuously iterated and upgraded internal systems and platforms to ensure that every brand customer can gain success in this global change storm, crossing the next one to the next oneEconomic cycle and era.

In general, AI technology is leading the e -commerce industry to a brand new era.In this era, Baozun will continue to lead the industry’s reform with its strong scientific and technological strength and forward strategic vision, and strive to create more value for brand users.

The occurrence or or. It originated from a kind of fire. It is the “technology gene” of Baozun, that is, the original belief of Baozun’s future in the future.(Full text)

Source: Gelonghui

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